: Blink-182 drummer attacked. 

6-6-00 9:00 PM PST antiGUY
Two men attacked Travis Barker the drummer of pop-punk band Blink-182 Sunday in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. During the fight he broke his finger, so he was unable to perform at that nights concert and according to Allstar news will not resume drumming for at least a month.  Luckily, for Blink-182 Damon Delapaz from Fenix*TX who is on tour with the band, will be able to fill in for Barker on drums until his finger heals. 

The fight was said to be have broken out after two men started hitting on his girlfriend at a fast-food restaurant, making crude remarks. The couple left the restaurant and were attacked while walking down the street. The two individuals drove up next to Barker and his girlfriend, when one of the men got out and jumped the drummer. He broke his finger in the resulting scuffle. The attackers fled the scene and the incident was not reported to the local police. 

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