: Ozzfest lineup is taking shape. 

3-15-00 11:55 PM PST antiGUY
It is still a few months away but the Ozzfest lineup is taking shape as unofficial details leek out from the band's said to be in the running for this years tour. The folks behind the scenes at the Ozzfest will not comment on the tour's lineup before an official announcement is made.  With that said, lets take a look at which band have gone on record saying they plan to be on the tour this year. 

Who were some of the names dropped? Godsmack, Pantera, Static-X, Ozzy (dahhh), P.O.D. and Ministry are all said to be onboard for the 2000 edition of the metal festival when it hits the road on July 1st. 

People inside the Static-X, Pantera, and Ministry camps confirmed they have signed on. In the process, Godsmack, and P.O.D. were also mentioned as having committed to the tour. Who else will join the tour? We’ll keep our ears open for more leaks and pass it on to you.

As for Pantera, they plan to launch a tour on their own in the fall. So you will have two opportunities to catch them on the road in support of their long awaited new album, “Reinventing the Steal”, which comes out on March 21st.