: Dr. Dre battles Deathrow Records.

3-21-00 9:05 AM PST antiGUY
Dr. Dre is in another legal battle with his former label, Deathrow Records. The rapper is taking his former label to task over the licensing for his Deathrow catalog. 

Deathrow has a three year licensing deal with Musicmaker.com which is selling tracks from Dr. Dre's Deathrow albums, including them on custom compilation cd's. Dre counters that Deathrow has no right to license or sell individual tracks from his albums, only the album as a whole. 

Dre's handlers are expected to send a cease and desist letter to Musicmaker.com. Bill Crowley, Senior VP of the site went on record saying they have no plans to stop offering Dr. Dre's music until the Deathrow lawyers and Dre's people work out the issue.