: Backstreet Boys Music used as Torture.

3-23-00 3:02 PM PST antiGUY
There was a new form of torture just discovered by authorities at the University of Toronto. Campus police are blasting Backstreet Boys and Wayne Newton songs in hopes of drawing out protesting students who are engaged in a "sit-in".  

The students started the "sit-in" to protest clothing made in sweatshops in Third World countries. They wished to force a campus wide ban on the clothing. Last week the students look up residence in the office of the president of the University.  The university officials said they would be happy to discuss the issue with the students, however they would have to end the protest first.

Campus police being the clever folks they are decided the best way to end the protest and return the office to the president was to torture the students by making them listen to music from the Backstreet Boys and Wayne Newton. Power and phones lines were also cut to the facility. It appears to have had some effect by tuesday only 8 of the original protesters remained. 

Wonder if the CIA knows about this form of torture? Will campus officials across the world start using this as a punishment for delinquent students? "Let the Punishment fit the crime"? If that is the case, college students are in for a rude awakening.