: KISS Fan died at Oakland Show

3-27-00 8:50 AM PST antiGUY
A 36 year old man fell to his death at a KISS concert at Oakland Arena on Thursday March 23rd. Shawn Stubblefield was reported to be sitting on a ledge near the arena's top tier in order to get a better view of the show.  KISS was a little over half way through their set when Stubblefield fell backwards off the ledge falling three floors and hit his head on a cement structure. 

Further details are shaky at this point. It is unknown if Stubblefiled was intoxicated, but he was reported to had been drinking with friends during during the show. Paramedics on the scene attempted to revive him before he was taken to Highland Hospital in Oakland, where we was pronounced dead on arrival. 

Spokespersons for KISS told reporters from Launch.com that the band members were saddened with the news and they were unaware of the accident until after the shows conclusion.