: Pantera Vs. 'NSYNC

3-13-00 6:00 AM PST antiGUY
Pantera fans are in an all out war against 'NSYNC. No, they are not bashing young teenage girls upside their heads. What they are doing is mobilizing to position Pantera ahead of 'NSYNC where it counts the most, in album sales. 

Here is the deal. Pantera's long awaited new album is going to be released on March 21st. That's the same day as 'NSYNC's new cd "No Strings Attached" comes out. Now Pantera's street team is making a full frontal assault encouraging metal heads to join the fight by buying the new Pantera album the first week of release. They want to show the world that music is not dominated by boy bands, and metal is alive and well. The ultimate goal? To "KILL THE TREND".

Will they succeed? If history does indeed repeat itself they just might. In 1994, Pantera's Far Beyond Driven claimed the top spot on Billboard's album charts. On the other hand, 'NSYNC's new single, "Bye, Bye, Bye", from their forthcoming album was the number one most added track at over 200 contemporary hit radio stations last week. What's more this is a record breaker. The old record was 145 station additions by guess who? Yup, the Backstreet Boys with their song, "I Want It That Way." 

Who is going to win?  Is this really war? If so, which side will you take?