Godsmack's Awake preview

10-18-00 8:00 AM PST antiGUY
Godsmack are just about ready to unleash the follow up to their highly successful debut album.  The new CD titled "Awake" will hit stores on Oct 31st. So far reviews of the album have been overwhelmingly favorable finding the band has delivered a heavier offering this time around with Sully Erna really showcasing his modern metal vocals. 

Godsmack hit the national scene in 1998 when Universal/Republic released their debut album. In 1999 they took the Ozzfest by storm and this year landed the coveted 3rd spot on the main stage right behind Pantera and Ozzy for the final installment of the metal fest. Riding on the success of their debut album, which has been on the Billboard charts for 92 weeks, the band is ready to take their success to the next level with "Awake".  

Fans can get a sneak peak of all the tracks from "Awake" at the XXX Get-Smacked! XXX web site and catch the band live as they tour as part of the Return of the Rock 2 tour. 

Awake Track Listing 

Sick Of Life
Bad Majick
Goin Down
Forgive Me

Listen to samples from Awake at XXX Get-Smacked! XXX. Click on the sounds link for the real audio clips. 

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Preorder a copy of Awake online.

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