Blair Witch 2 hits the web live! 

10-18-00 8:00 AM PST antiGUY
Just in time for Halloween the sequel to the surprise 1999 hit "the Blair Witch Project" will be in theaters on Oct 27th.  While there is mixed reaction to the original film as well as the underhyped sequel to this point, Artisan Entertainment is pulling out all the stops this week on the net with a special 64-hour webfest. 

The webfest will have Blair Witch junkies glued to their monitors with interviews, documentaries, chats and even a ritual broadcast live from Blairwitchwebfest.com starting at 9am Oct 18th. Even if the whole Blair Witch Project is not your thing, music fans will have plenty to tune in for including live chats and performances from bands on the Blair Witch 2 soundtrack. 

Canadian hard rockers Nickelback will chat will fans on Oct 18th about the soundtrack. On Oct 20th  Poe will perform selections from their new album "Haunted" and Godhead will perform live at a Blair Witch party in the Black Hills.  Plus Lars Ulrich discusses the Witchmix online soundtrack. 

The soundtrack to the film was released earlier this month on Marilyn Manson's new vanity label Posthuman Records. Featured on the fifteen track disc are songs from Nickelback, Godhead, Rob Zombie, Queens Of The Stone Age, P.O.D, a collaboration between Tony Iommi and Dave Grohl, System of a Down, Slaves on Dope, U.P.O., a scary remake of the M.A.S.H. theme "Suicide is Painless" by Marilyn Manson and more. 

Even if you don't plan to catch the Blair Witch sequel in theaters later this month, the webfest may have something to catch your interest. You can log on at www.blairwitchwebfest.com

Order a copy of the soundtrack online. 

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