Artists Against Piracy Speak out about Napster hearing

10-03-00 2:15 PM PST press release

SAN FRANCISCO—October 2, 2000—Artists Against Piracy Executive Director, Noah Stone, issued a statement today after oral arguments were presented at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals here in the case of RIAA v. Napster.  No immediate decision has been announced in the case that is due to go to trial shortly. 

"The outcome of the Napster case will have direct and far-reaching effects on recording artists and songwriters," Stone said.  "There is a real excitement for music online for both artists and music fans.  Artists are counting on the Internet to provide us more control over our creations.  Unfortunately, Napster is offering artists less control.  It has denied artists the ability to effectively market music online and has created an environment in which the consumer believes music should be free. None of us wants to stifle the progress of technology or restrict access to fast and easy music on the Internet.  We need to ensure, however, that the demand for music online is met in a way that respects the creative process provides fair compensation for artists. 

"Regardless of the final outcome of this appeal, Artists Against Piracy will actively continue to highlight the artists’ voice in the ongoing debate about the future of music online and to heighten public awareness on the importance of recognizing the artists’ interests and the value of the music they create." 

Artists Against Piracy represents more than 70 recording artists in a wide variety of genres.  Among them are such popular artists as Aimee Mann, Alanis Morissette, Barenaked Ladies, blink-182, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Christina Aguilera, DMX, Everclear, Faith Hill, Filter, Fisher, Garth Brooks, Hanson, Herbie Hancock, matchbox Twenty, Nanci Griffith, Primer 55, Saliva, Sarah McLachlan, Shelby Lynne, Sheryl Crow, Sisqo, Vertical Horizon, and many more. 

ABOUT Artists Against Piracy  
Artists Against Piracy is an artist-driven coalition created to give artists a voice in determining how their music is presented, marketed and distributed on the Internet.  Artists Against Piracy’s primary goals are to create public awareness, appreciation and understanding of the value of music and to educate both the artistic community and the public about intellectual property and copyright issues as these issues pertain to music on the Internet.

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