Weezer select Broken bassist for tour. 

8-22-01 antiGUY

Weezer have decided that the show must go on. With their bass player Mikey Welsh currently residing in a psychiatric hospital, Weezer put the word out that they were looking for a temporary replacement. Earlier this week it was announced on the band�s official site that Scott Shriner will fill the post on Weezer�s upcoming tour. 

Shriner is the bass player for the Los Angeles �Punk �Rock  and � Roll� group Broken. Last November Broken landed the artist of the month honors here at antiMUSIC as well as being earning the �best live performance by an unsigned band� award in our sister site Rocknworld.com�s Best of 2000 special.  

Broken has been making a name for themselves on the local L.A. scene with their high-octane brand of rock. Frontwomen Shelley has helped the band win over discerning LA area fans with her Bon Scott meets Joan Jett vocal style.  

Fan reaction thus far has been mixed. Reading post at various Weezer message boards across the net it appears some fans are confused by the selection of Shriner since the sound of Broken is far removed from the signature Weezer �geek rock�. Others expressed frustration that the band would still tour without their band mate.  While other fans are happy that the tour proceed despite Welch�s unavailability. 

Last week Weezer explained the bass player situation with the following statement on their official website, ��We have learned that Mikey has checked into a psychiatric hospital, we think in his hometown of Boston. However, we unfortunately still don�t know what�s wrong with him, and continue to find it very difficult to find out any more from those who might know. We wish him the very best and we hope he comes back soon. But in the meantime, due to the circumstances at hand with the upcoming tours and such, we are indeed hastily scheduling try-outs for a replacement player for the upcoming gigs, JUST IN CASE Mikey isn't able to return.�  

This week an update on Mikey Welch was Posted on the Weezer site, "It seems as though Mikey is apparently still in some sort of care facility, though whether he is simply resting or undergoing treatment is unknown. We do know that it sounds like he is stable and not in danger at this point." 

Weezer is scheduled to perform at the �Levi's Inland Invasion� radio show this weekend at the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion. Los Angeles modern rock station KROQ is putting on the festival show that will also feature performances from The Offspring, Pennywise and Social Distortion, among others. 

Weezer will hit the road for a North American tour on September 11th with supporting act Cold.  At this point it is unclear whether Welch or Shriner will be handling bass duties for the tour. 

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