Limp Bizkit sued over concert injury. 

8-03-01 antiGUY

When Limp Bizkit tells concertgoers to break stuff they apparently have no problem complying as one paramedic discovered last October in Detroit. 

Christopher Dickinson is suing Limp Bizkit, the Palace of Auburn Hills and the promoters of the concert. Dickinson claims that he suffered brain damage after being beaten unconscious by rabid fans while trying to reach an injured party during Limp Bizkit�s set. Dickinson contends that he was injured after Limp Bizkit encouraged fans to storm the stage. According to a Detroit Free Press report, the lawsuit claims that Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst told concertgoers to rush the stage and then said �"Security! Do not... stop them!", in the resulting mayhem Dickinson was knocked unconscious and now claims to have suffered brain damage from the incident. 

The brain injury has led to personality changes in Dickinson as well as making him unable to work, according to the lawsuit. Dickinson�s wife says she had to quit her job to care for her husband. 

"I've lost my whole life in the last 10 months,� Dickinson told the Detroit Free Press. "I used to go fishing, hunting, spend hours on the lawn. Now, after half an hour I have to lie down."

This is the latest in a string of incidents where Limp Bizkit has been accused of inciting concertgoers to violence.  The band was questioned by Australian authorities last month about the death of a fifteen-year-old girl, who was reported to have suffered a heart attack after being crushed in a mosh pit during Limp Bizkit�s performance at the Big Day Out festival in Sydney earlier this year. 

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