Poison cancels tour due to injury. 

8-07-01 antiGUY

Poison has been forced to cancel the remaining 22 dates of the Glam Slam Metal Jam tour with Warrant, Quiet Riot and Enuff Z�nuff due to an injured member. 

According to an official statement from Poison, �bassist Bobby Dall was rushed by ambulance to Omaha's University of Nebraska Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery on his back for an injury suffered while performing onstage. The operation was performed by neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Singer. Dr. Singer replaced several discs in Bobby Dall's spine and says at least six months of rehab and recovery will be necessary.�

The tour was just about to complete its Midwest run and make its way to the west coast. While disappointed with the cancellation, tour mates Quiet Riot and Enuff Z�nuff were quick to issue statements wishing Dall a speedy recovery. 

Quiet Riot will continue with their planed headlining shows. Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali, who had been writing a tour diary for Metal-Sludge.com, Posted his final entry last week to the diary, �To the fans that came to the shows, you were all great, thank you for your collective support.� 

At press time it was uncertain whether Enuff Z�nuff would still play their planed headlining show in Anaheim, California on Aug 18th.  Enuff Z�nuff�s personal manager Tom Feeley said, �Right now, we don't know. All this is too new, and we are investigating to see if we can secure other shows in the area to make it feasible to travel to CA to do the show. Once the guys come home, we can discuss it in better depth. Normally, with a two-week lead in, it is impossible to secure a show, much less have time to promote it. But, let's face it, stranger things have happened on this run.�

Enuff Z�nuff bassist Chip Z�nuff told antiMUSIC that Warrant, Quiet Riot and Enuff Z�nuff are looking at the possibility of continuing the tour without Poison in what Enuff Z�nuff lead vocalist Donnie Vie refers to as the �Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am Jam�. Chip said that the bands would like to hit as many of the markets as possible where the Glam Slam Metal Jam was scheduled to appear. At press time, no firm plans have been made for the alternate tour. As to Bobby Doll�s injury Chip told us Enuff Z�nuff, �wishes Bobby a wonderful and safe recovery.�  

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