Metal Sludge Implicated In Singers Death.

12-26-01 antiGUY

The anonymous writers of Metal-Sludge.com are up in arms over allegations that one of their correspondents was behind the wheel of the car crash that claimed the life of Betty Blowtorch frontwomen Bianca Halstead. 

Halstead was killed in a car crash at approximately 5:30 am on the morning of December 15th. The 36-year-old vocalist/bassist was the passenger of a speeding Corvette that went out of control on Interstate 10 near New Orleans according to the Associated Press. 

Witnesses told police that the driver of the car, William McAllister, appeared to be driving in excess of 100 miles per hour when he sideswiped another vehicle while attempting to change lanes, he then lost control of his vehicle which crossed a grassy median before stopping on the other side of the highway facing oncoming traffic.  Trooper Todd Marchand told the Associated Press that McAllister appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. 

The day of the accident KNAC.com reported that the driver, William McAllister, was a correspondent for Metal-Sludge.com. Metal-Sludge quickly denied that the 33 year old of Burbank, Ill. had anything to do with their website. 

Apparently, the editors of Metal-Sludge were emailed by a reader identifying himself as Brian from Chicago on December 9th who claimed to be in contact with Bianca Halstead, who had recently had a falling out with her bandmates in the middle of national tour with Nashville Pussy. “Brian” offered to act as a go between for Metal-Sludge and give Halstead a series of questions for her to answer for publication on the website. 

Some believe that Brian is actually William McAllister the man behind the wheel of the Corvette. Metal-Sludge editor who goes by the penname Jani Bon Neil told KNAC.com that he replied to the email from “Brian” sending him 20 questions for the popular “rewind” section of Metal-Sludge and has not heard from him since. In Brian’s email he did tell Metal Sludge that he would be seeing Halstead in New Orleans, which does indicate that Brian could possibly be William McAllister. 

In a statement Posted on KNAC.com Jani Bon Neil told readers that, “Metal Sludge has NO IDEA who William McAllister is.” He also blasted the online radio station for reporting that McAllister was a correspondent for Metal-Sludge, ”Metal Sludge is devastated enough as it is, and then to have our name associated with this is absolutely f*cked.” An angry Jani Bon Neil continued, ”Maybe William McAllister is a Sludge fan. And maybe he was a KNAC fan! Maybe he also liked Motley Crue or Poison! I don't f*cking know and right now it doesn't make a difference. I will say what was the point of putting our name in the article? That was unprofessional and uncalled for, especially since nobody asked us first if we knew the guy!”

Jani further addressed the issue of Metal-Sludge's association with “Brian from Chicago” who is believed to be William McAllister, “As everybody knows, both Metal Sludge and KNAC accept content from our fans. We both believe in the concept of the fans being part of our sites. However, that does not imply or solidify that because we feel we want to give the fans a voice, that the blame or liability of a fan's action should fall on us when an event like this occurs. While we encourage our fans to be a part of our sites, in the end YOU are responsible for your own actions.”