Elton John calling it quits?

12-2-01 antiGUY

Could it be? Elton John is going to call it a day?  The UK Press Assoc. is reporting that Elton John told an audience Friday night at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH that he would no longer make records due to the current state of the record industry.  

"It's the last record that I ever make,” Elton is said to have told the crowd. "I'm fed up with it. I like playing to you guys but I hate the record industry. 

"I've made 40 albums and it's about time for me to get out."

Elton John recently released “Songs From the West Coast” a CD heralded by fans and critics alike as a return to the style that made Elton John a star three decades ago. 

Elton is reported to have ended the Manchester show with a tribute to George Harrison who had passed away from cancer the day before.  John dedicated 
"Your Song" to Harrison and is reported to have introduced the song by saying "For all the wonderful music he's given us over the years. Wherever you are, George, be happy. God bless you."

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