Joey Ramone solo CD to be released. 

12-4-01 antiGUY

Sanctuary Records is planning to release Joey Ramone’s only solo album titled "Don't Worry About Me" on Feb. 19th.   The album had been in the works for a number of years after the breakup of The Ramones. The 49 year-old Joey Ramone died from lymphatic cancer in April and this will be the first time many fans will be able to hear these solo recordings.  

The album, produced by Daniel Rey is expected to feature 11 tracks when it hits the stores in February.  Sanctuary Records plans to release the first single, a cover of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World”, to radio in early January. The album is said to include another cover song as well, Joey Ramone’s take on the Iggy Pop classic “1969”. 

Tentative Track Listing:  
Don't Worry About Me
I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)
Like a Drug I Never Did Before
Maria Bartiromo
Mr. Punchy
Searching For Something
Spirit in My House
Stop Thinking About It
What a Wonderful World
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