David Lee Roth Saves The Day Tour!

5-30-01 antiGUY

David Lee Roth is getting restless and wants to take to the road. According to the official David Lee Roth home page, Dave is planning a summer tour that has been dubbed the “David Lee Roth Saves The Day Tour!” 

While many were hoping for a Van Halen reunion tour this summer, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards. 

At press time only three mid-western dates have been announced but more are expected shortly.  

Below is the announcement Posted on the official DLR website.:

“Just when you thought the long hot dog days of summer would go by without that raucous, rowdy tour machine firing up- think again 'cos DIAMOND DAVE is hitting the road to save the day!."

“Special dates have been scheduled so far in the mid-western US.

“No beach there you say? Well DIAMOND DAVE is bringing the whole she-bang straight to you.”

David Lee Roth is also running an auction on his official site. Up for grabs is assorted memorabilia including videos and the motorcycle David rode in the “Panama” video. So far the highest bid for the motorcycle is $8500 with the auction closing on June 12th according to the website. 

First set of David Lee Roth Saves The Day Tour dates

6/22 - Ameristar, Kansas City, Mo 
6/23 - The Rock, Minneapolis, Mn 
6/30 - Wild Rose Amphitheatre, Bottineau, Nd