STP’s Weiland Arrested in Las Vegas

11-21-01 antiGUY

Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland has had yet another run in with the police. 

Weiland was arrested early Monday morning at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and charged with battery/domestic violence. Police were called out to the scene by hotel security following an altercation Weiland had with his wife Mary over prescription drugs, according police reports.  Weiland was arrested and held in a Las Vegas jail for 12 hours before being released on $3,000 bail. 

Here are the details according to the official police report:  "Weiland states she and her husband of one and a half years, Scott Weiland, had a verbal argument over prescription medication that had been prescribed  by a Dr. Cary Logan. In an attempt to stop Scott from leaving the room, Mary sat in front of the door. Scott became physical when he physically removed Mary from the front of the door.

He did this by forcefully grabbing her arms and moving her to the right side of the door. He then pushed Mary against the wall several times. Scott then left the room. As the result of the altercation, Mary has some bruising on her left bicep, as well as her right bicep." 

Weiland has had numerous run in with the law since 1995 when he was first arrested on drug charges. His last drug arrest in 1999 lead to a conviction and the singer was given a one-year prison sentence. This is Weiland’s first arrest since his release from prison in 2000. 

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