Van Halen Reunion Part XVII 

11-21-01 antiGUY

Rumors of the much talked about Van Halen reunion are flying once more. The latest round of rumors was touched off by former frontman David Lee Roth during an interview with Pierre Robert on WMMR radio in Philadelphia.  During the interview Pierre asked Diamond Dave the requisite question about a possible reunion and Roth had this to say, “…And I've got to admit, and got to say that it's inevitable, that there would be a reunion, it's one of the most hotly anticipated reunions in the history of the sport, OK?” said Roth, ”And, uh, as you can tell, my surgically implanted disco beats is tunes to 138 a minute, and uh, we're ready to lift, at some point in time and I wouldn't be surprised if it was relatively soon, on our lifetime while our clothing is still in style hopefully! While we're all young and good looking, huh homeboy!” 

However, before making that statement Roth qualified it by saying “There is no album that's recorded in the can, but I did a few songs with the fellas about 18 months ago, which is metric for a year and a half, and the songs were stellar, the music was superb. We haven't had any real contact with each other there because we don't like each other, Pierre, and that makes for some very colorful sparks, all right, you don't hire us to be the family, this is not the Partridges here all right, and when you have worlds colliding, you have combustible, retina busting, mind roasting music, OK?” 

The seed of hope sparked by Roth calling a reunion “inevitable” was further feed when it was reported that Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony made some comments to Roland Hernandez from Rolsguitars.com last weekend while he was in Az attending an auto show and Bonspeed store opening. After their encounter Hernandez Posted a message on the message boards at the official Van Halen website stating that Anthony told him, "We are coming out with a new CD in the spring but we will probably tour before it comes out” When asked who will be singing Anthony was reported to have said, “Dave is going to do it this time, we are recording now."  Hernandez asked Anthony what the hold up has been and Hernandez wrote that Anthony told him “"We did a couple of songs then the lawyers found out and everything stopped".  

Hernandez is highly respected member of the online Van Halen community, his company Rols Guitars builds and sells Eddie Van Halen replica guitars. When online fans discussed Hernandez’s comments, many were quick to defend him saying that they did in fact believe the Michael Anthony quotes he Posted to the message board. 

Shortly after this latest rumor started the tight-lipped Van Halen camp went into cover-up mode, VHND.com (Van Halen New Desk) has reported that Brad the webmaster of the band’s official site denied that Anthony made the remarks about the reunion.  Staying true to form the band has still not made an official statement concerning this latest rumor. 

That’s all for now in this continuing saga of “As the Rumor Mill Churns”. Judging by past behavior the reader is advised to keep their eyes open for an official announcement from the Van Halen camp sometime in 2008

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