PM5K Lose Their Rhythm Section.

11-05-01 antiGUY

Powerman 5000 have parted ways with their bassist Dorian Heartsong (a.k.a. Dorian 27) and drummer Alan Pahanish (a.k.a Al 3). A posting to the bandís official website assures fans that the departure of the rhythm section has not slowed down the groups work on new songs. 

PM5Kís Spider One tells fans, "This was 100% their decision, and in no way were asked to leave. I can't really say why they made the choice that they did, that is something only they can tell you. As you know I have been in this band for 10+ years with those guys and always thought they would be in it until the end, they will be greatly missed. That said, I can tell you that there is no way PM5K is breaking up !!!" 

The band returned to the studio in August to retool the new album that was originally scheduled for a late summer release. There is no word yet of when the new CD will be released.

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