Quickies: WB drops Beautiful Creatures, Six Feet Under banned by MTV, Motley Crue the movie, PM5K continues. 

11-27-01 antiGUY

Quickies: Assorted short news items from across the web..

WB drops Beautiful Creatures
Metalhammer.co.uk is reporting that Beautiful Creatures have been released from their record contract with Warner Brothers due to slow album sales. According to Metalhammer, Warner Brothers dropped the band after determining they would not recoup their million-dollar investment in the group. To date the band’s self-titled debut had only sold 20,000 copies since it was released in August. Keep in mind that is a little over 19,000 CD’s more than Mick Jagger’s latest solo album sold on its first day in stores. 

Six Feet Under Banned By MTV
Metal-Rules.com is reporting that MTV has refused to air Six Feet Under’s new video for “The Day The Dead Walked”. The suits at MTV claimed, “both the music and imagery are too heavy for us right now."  We do have some good news for those who subscribe to Much Music Canada. The chief MTV rival that serves Canada and various cable markets in the US does plan to air the video. 

Motley Crue the Movie?

Metal-Rules.com also had this tid bit about a possible big screen incarnation of “The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band”.  The website quoted Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx as saying "The book is doing so well that were now having meetings with major movie companies and directors about making the book into a movie. Pretty wild going to these huge meetings with the companies and finding out they're all CRUEheads,” says Sixx. “How [the movie] will not have an X rating ill never know....but I've seen enough R-rated movies to know they can sneak some real life grime in there and not lose the balls... That's the one thing we insist on. This movie has to have balls. Big f***ing nasty hairy hanging low heavy metal balls... We're also doing paperback deals with foreign countries. Amazing how much is going on with the band. I really thought we could disappear for a few years. At least we're not touring or recording." 

Possible clip to be shown at the MTV Movie Awards

(scene: condemned building somewhere in the heart of West Hollywood. Nikki, Vince, Tommy’s roadie Spidy are sitting on a beaten up old couch.) 

Mick: (walking in to the room): Vince! Did you steal my Social Security Check to buy Big Mac’s again?

Vince: No Dude! Tommy used it for bail.

Nikki (to Spidy): Dude, I died Dude! 

Vince: Dude, you didn’t die, you nodded off Dude!

Nikki: Shut your fat ass up dude and hand me my syringe! 

Vince: Dude!

Tommy (as he walks into room): Dude, Where’s My Car?

PM5K Continues.

PM5K’s Spider One made a recent post to the band’s message board at Dreamworks Records filling fans in on the progress of the new album and finding replacement for recently departed bass player and drummer.  Here is what he had to say: 

“let me start by answering some of the repeat questions first. If you are absolutly (sic) serious about wanting a shot at joining PM5K you can send packages to The Firm 9100 Whilshire Blvd. suite 400W Beverly Hills, Ca. 90212. If you do send me something make sure you are as good or better than Al and/or Dorian. As far as the new record; no new title yet and all I can say is, the bestsongs will be on the album. Maybe some from Doomsday maybe not, I don't know yet. The record will definately (sic) be in stores in 2002.

“As far as touring/recording with Rob, I'd love to but no plans yet.Speaking of touring, we try to hit as many cities/countries as we can but it's a big world out there...  that's it for now... my next post will answer more of the specific questions.

“ yfl, SPIDER”

Mick Jagger stiffs at retail.

Music Goes On is reporting that Mick Jagger's latest solo album “Goddess In The Doorway” reportedly sold less than a thousand copies it’s first day in stores. 

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