Snoop Deville 

11-27-01 antiGUY

It’s a story almost comical enough to be true. Launch Media is reporting that Snoop Dogg is in talks with Cadillac about a possible special edition Snoopy Cady. 

What very well may have been the rapper joking with a reporter was reported earlier this week in a news item at Launch.com.  Snoop told Launch the car will be called, "Snoop Deville, it will be out next year," he continued. "That's going to be the limited edition with the hydraulics on it. We just gone come basic because we don't want to scare people away from it, but it's gone be sharp."

Launch did try to confirm the details with Cadillac but the automakers spokesperson claimed no knowledge of the “Snoop Deville”. 

In related news, antiMUSIC is in talks with junkyards across North America to issue a special edition antiGUY Yugo. The plan is to round up the 50 or so Yugos sold in the US, refurbish them and sell them as antiGUY antiCARs. They will feature a G8 engine (8 gerbils), Formica floorboards, real imitation vinyl seats, a powerful 10 watt AM radio with 8-track player plus a 1 1/2 inch blown speaker taped to the dashboard and each car will come with a 15 minute / 50 mile warranty. The will be priced to move at $1995.99.  There is no word yet on when the antiCARs will hit the streets but chances are good that a special edition “Rosie O’Donnell” Ford Festiva that runs on hot air will see the light of day first. 

Ok now back to real music news! 

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