Creed offers free download of new song, launches �pager service�

10-11-01 antiGUY

To promote their new forthcoming album, Creed is offering a download of their new single �My Sacrifice� to websurfers. The song is being offered in both Real Audio and Microsoft Media formats which fans can download to their hard drive. Fans will find the download featured on a handful of top Internet music websites as well as on the band�s official website � www.Creed.com. antiMUSIC and the rest of the iconoFAN Network is making the song available to our readers this week as part of our Mandatory Media section. 

�My Sacrifice� is the first single from Creed�s forthcoming third album, �Weathered�, which is set to hit stores on November 20th. The song was released to radio this week as well. 

Click Here to Download �My Sacrifice�.

Creed Pager Service Also Launched

Creed�s record label, Wind-Up Records is one of the few record companies to fully utilize the Internet for promotion. Along with the web release of �My Sacrifice�, Creed and Wind-up Records this week also launched the new �virtual pager� service. 

According to a press release from Wind-up the downloaded pager application will �virtually �page you� with a wide variety of exclusive audio and video content whenever it becomes available, including previews of new songs from the forthcoming WEATHERED album.  In addition, a wealth of new video will be broadcast through the Creed Pager.   Creed has documented the making of WEATHERED since the band entered the studio earlier this year and continue to record their ongoing efforts.  The new Creed single �My Sacrifice� is also available as a free download using the Creed Pager.�

For more information on the Creed Pager features logon to Creed.com. 

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