Metallica Fan Pays over $23 K to Hang Out With The Band.

08-03-02 antiGUY
A Metallica Fan with nothing better to do with $23 thousand dollars has won the privilege of joining Metallica for one day in the recording studio, according to a report by CMJ. 

The day in the recording studio was a focus of a recent eBay auction from Metallica. The winning bidder came out on top with a bid of $23,200. The unnamed winner of the auction will have the opportunity to hang out with Metallica in the record studio as they work on their new studio album. 

According to the CMJ report, the proceeds from the auction will go to the T.J. Martell Foundation, which according to their website uses donations to further “cutting-edge research that will advance the treatment and cures of leukemia, cancer and AIDS”.

Who’s next? Some of the people that Gene Simmons despises the most, Internet fans, are speculating that KISS is contemplating auctioning off a private concert with proceeds going to the grease painted rocker’s favorite charity, the “Gene Simmons Retirement Fund”, which is apparently is under funded, causing Gene and Paul to call off their retirement plans after bilking fans with their “farewell tour”. 

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