Nine Inch Tool? New CD in The Works. 

08-07-02 antiGUY
It appears the wait may soon be over for material to surface for the Trent Rezner-Maynard James Keenan sideproject Tapeworm. MTV is reporting that Rezner is not only working on the next Nine Inch Nails album but has also resumed work on the Tapeworm project. 

Rezner told MTV, "It has been an interesting experiment for Maynard and I to peek around in each other's heads, shining flashlights in some shadowy corners. We've realized we're each in somewhat similar places in our respective lives and outlook, so it's been great to collaborate on that level."

Aside from Rezner and Keenan, Tapeworm also includes Nine Inch Nails Danny
Lohner and 12 Roundsí Atticus Ross. The group recently entered the Southern Tracks Studios in Atlanta to record the debut album from the project that will ultimately be released on Trentís own label, Nothing Records. 

"We're working on an album's worth of tracks that started as one idea and have mutated and grown into another altogether," Rezner told MTV. "Musically, the results are becoming much more song-oriented than I would have thought."

Although Tapeworm seems to moving full steam ahead, they still have yet to announce a release date for their debut album but we will keep you informed of developments. 

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