Get Backstage At A Aerosmith Concert For a Price

08-16-02 antiGUY
The Aerosmith fan club is now offering fans the chance to go behind the scenes at Aerosmith concerts in what they are calling the “Velvet Rope Experience”. Fans that come up with the $450 the package costs will receive a guaranteed seat in the first three rows for the concert plus what the following, admittance to a  “VIP party, a VIP backstage tour pass, and bag of cool stuff."

Kind of reminds you of Bill Clinton giving large contributors an overnight stay in the Lincoln bedroom, only about a thousand times cheaper. This promotion is open only to members of the band’s official fan club, AeroForce One. 

Here is how the fan club website is promoting the “Velvet Rope Experience”, (note no mention of actually meeting the band is made). “Get down and dirty with Aerosmith. Plus, be backstage in a way few fans have been before with Velvet Rope, a new and ultra-insider fan experience. 
“Velvet Rope takes you behind-the-scenes for the pre-show excitement backstage at an Aerosmith show; and puts you in a guaranteed seat in the first three rows.” 

Keep your eyes open for a similar promotion soon from the KISS camp, how could Gene Simmons resist an idea like this? 

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