Neurotica Shocked, Dave Williams “Seemed Fine”. 

08-19-02 antiGUY
Kelly Schaefer, lead vocalist of Neurotica has been keeping us up to date on happenings on this year’s Ozzfest with the tour diary published on our sister site Rocknworld.com.  In the latest installment of the diary, Kelly reflects on hearing the sad news of the death of Drowning Pool frontman Dave Williams. Below you will find the entry for August 14th, the day Dave Williams was found dead on the Drowning Pool tour bus as well as a portion of the diary entry for the previous day, which illuminates how much a shock Dave’s sudden death was to the bands on the tour. And finally Kelly describes how Neurotica paid tribute to Dave Williams the following day. 

Aug 13th – Indianapolis

…We ran into Dave and the boys from drowning pool, we have been running into and becoming friends with these guys while out here on the tour, they were where we are last year, and I think Dave has been really cool to us, he was the only one that came to see us on the mainstage appearance we had in Columbus, he came running up the ramp as we were heading for the stage and said, LETS GO CHANGE SOME LIVES FOREVER BOYS!!! I thought that was so cool!! any how, I told Dave that BODIES was gonna be off the hook cause of the mud and s****, I told him I would be there!! after the set at the jager tent, we knew we had a day off so I personally thought after my daily shot from the jager tent before signing, I would have another and then a beer, and so on and so on, I soon found myself with jager horns on my head, like deer antlers or some s****, I also found this amazing leaf on the ground, very unlike any leaf that we would see in Florida, so of course being hammered on jager, I proceeded to stick the leaf in my antlers which was over my black hat,

…I was having a great time, I saw Kelso at the jager tent along with Dave from DP, I was in that kind of mood, so I asked him if I could jump up and do CREEPING DEATH , he said "Man my stage is an open door" so hopefully before the end of the tour I will get my punk ass up to do it, I hate to intrude on someone else's stage you know?? We did a shot of jager together, snapped some pics with the jager girls, and then Kelso said we needed to do a radio interview with x103 I think it was, we met Steve from that station and he hooked it up so I went over to the media section, met the guy from the station, and he was sort of...well acting as though I did not know what was up, like I was really drunk which was not really the case, it was a weird vibe, he said do you know that you have antlers
on your head???, I said YES!!!!, I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE MY FRIEND!!!

Aug 14th somewhere outside D.C..

Awoke at the Holiday Inn just outside of D.C. our new driver Doug was crashed until 1:00 then I can run up and grab a much needed shower, after my shower, myself, Migwell Chris, and Jason decided to head over to the mall across the street, we started walking and then we realized we needed to grab a shuttle over, walked around the mall, checked out the record store, got some food at the food court, its nice having these days off to sleep in, shower and all of that s****! We hit the playstation store and THERE IT WAS!!!!! MADDEN 2003 HOLY s****!!! I could not believe it!!, you have to understand how much we play Madden Football on the road, its how we pass our time when bored, so to have the new madden was just insane, I could not wait to tell the others!!!, I also grabbed Tiger Woods Golf as well. we headed back to the bus and we put the madden game in, started playing for just a short time, and one of our friends from the tour called from the other holiday inn across town, she called Chris, he yelled out hey man pause the game, and then he dropped a f***ing BOMB!! Dave from Drowning pool was dead???? DEAD??? WHAT!!!!! They had literally just found him on the bus, he had been sleeping, and they wondered why he was not waking, so they tried to wake him and he was not responding, this is f***ing HORRIBLE, JUST HORRIBLE!! We were stunned!!! We had just been partying together 12 some odd hours ago??? He seemed perfectly fine, I just watched him rock the f***ing house hours ago, how could that be true, the news was coming from the tour, so it had not even been reported to MTV or anyone to confirm it for sure!! we soon found out it was true, one of the coolest people we had met out here and now he was gone!!! 

s**** he was only 30 yrs old, I watched him and Zack Wylde talk for 20 minutes yesterday, how could this happen, it really moved me man, I just cannot imagine what happened, we tried to find out what hospital he was at, but then thought the band must need some space, we were so f***ed up by it that we of course put the game away and just thought about that s**** for a few hours, we heard the show in Virginia might be cancelled, we did not know what to do it was about 9:00 now, we decided to go have some sushi and sulk!!! this s**** is wayyy to close for comfort!!! I have to end this right here cause , I just cannot believe this happened!!!!!!!

Show day Bristol, Virginia (aug 15th)

well as you can see we played today, I woke up feeling some tremendous emotion man, I had mixed feelings about playing today, I know from the 5 weeks of hanging out with Dave Williams that he would have wanted the party to continue, but I just felt so weird about soliciting a cheer from the crowd, when we just lost one of our brothers out here, we have all become very close, we eat together, travel together, rock the countryside together, and now one of the main bands on this tour was just.....gone! I really wanted to wear a drowning pool shirt on stage today, but they are not selling them, so I wrote DW R.I.P. across both knuckles, Shawn drew drowning pools log on Chris and himself, just to pay tribute in some small way!! I was determined to make the motherf***ers light up today while on stage, this would be a day to remember forever. We hit the stage and we put DP posters over our skrims on the stage, and proceeded to f*** s**** up in Virginia, it
was a truly inspired day of performances by EVERYONE! we all really dug that guy man, he kept it real, and worked his ass off, we wanted to say something while on stage and I remembered something he always said on stage so I decided to say it for him on stage today, he said IF YOU CAN'T SMOKE IT, DRINK IT, OR f*** IT, THEN IT AINT WORTH DOING!!! the crowd of course responded in kind with a roar that I KNOW Dave heard, we have to pull out early today, we hot the tents for the signings where we would normally be doing our signings with drowning pool…

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