Nickelback And Vince Neil Both Turn on Audiences.

08-21-02 antiGUY
What can you do when an audience turns nasty? Just ask Nickelback and Motley Crue frontman, Vince Neil.  

Blabbermouth had this fun tidbit this week about Nickelback:

“NICKELBACK walked off stage during the second song of their scheduled appearance at Portugal's Ilha do Ermal festival on Monday, August 19th after being continually pelted with rocks and bottles during the early part of their performance, thus preventing the group from safely carrying on with their show. “

Last week Vince Neil threw a fit of his own and stormed off the stage according to the Associate Press. 

Neil became angry when the fans who came to see his current solo club tour didn’t know the lyrics to his song and couldn’t sing along. 

Here is an excerpt from the AP report from Last Friday (Aug 16): 

Jim Turczynski, manager of Levelz nightclub, said Neil became angry shortly after midnight Thursday while performing here with a backup band during his solo tour. 

Neil played a few Motley Crue songs and then started playing one of his own compositions. When the crowd of about 250 didn't know the lyrics, "He said the crowd was a bunch of losers, among other things," Turczynski said. "Then he got on his bus and just left." 

Turczynski said Neil was on stage for less than 10 minutes. He said the crowd was upset but did not become violent. 

Neil's manager, Burt Stein, wasn't immediately available for comment Friday. 

The club was refunding the $25 ticket price. Turczynski said it cost about $12,000 to hire Neil and was unsure whether the club would get the full amount back. 

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