PETA Hell Bent Against Judas Priest Song

08-21-02 antiGUY
“I know in a mad world, it’s a long way home.” – Enuff Z’nuff 

And now for something completely stupid...

In the we couldn’t make up something this silly if we tried department, political correctness has reached a new plateau. The animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has sent a letter to heavy metal veterans Judas Priest requesting that the band change the name of one of their most popular albums, according to a report from Blabbermouth. 

PETA is asking that Judas Priest change the offending title of their 1978 hit album “Hell Bent For Leather” to “Hell Bent for Pleather”. 

"Actually, I'm a big Judas Priest fan," PETA spokeswoman Lisa Franzetta stated. "The idea is not to give them hell, so much, but to encourage them and their fans to make a more compassionate choice."

Last week Franzetta sent a letter to the group’s publicity company along with a video of slaughterhouse footage and a photo of herself in a black pleather dominatrix outfit, to try and convince the band to change their tune, so to speak. 

PETA is an advocacy group that has been known to go to curious extremes to further their animal rights agenda, which has led some critics to change the definition of organizations acronym to read People for the Extreme Torture of Animal-abusers. 
There is no word at press time whether PETA is contacting the authors of other songs that may reflect negatively on animals. Surely Duran Duran should change the name of their hit song “Hungry Like The Wolf” and Pretty Boy Floyd’s hairmetal classic “Leather Boyz With Electric Toys” is a pretty good target as well. 

So rest assured PETA supporters, your donations are being put to good use, please read exhibit A below for an example of just one activity that PETA funds with your generous contributions. 

PETA Letter to Judas Priest

August 15, 2002

c/o Chipster P.R.
address removed

Dear Messrs. Tipton, Downing, Hill, Travis, and Owens,

I'm enclosing a picture of myself at last week's 62nd Annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, S.D., so you can see what’s going on.  Obviously, you have many fans here at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). That’s why, on behalf of our more than 750,000 members and supporters worldwide, we’re asking if you’ll consider using your mettle—and your metal—to riff against animal abuse. We’ve done our market research, and we’re serious when we say that headbangers with a heart would love to hear you update the lyrics of your song “Hell Bent for Leather” to “Hell Bent for Pleather”. 

With so many rocking alternatives to leather, even the baddest men on two wheels know that animals don’t belong in a “Killing Machine” —kicked in the face, forced down the ramp with an electric prod to the man who slits their throats and turns them into leather jackets, pants, and boots. Much of the leather sold in the U.S. comes from overseas, where we’ve videotaped cows being violently beaten and suffering from wounds and broken bones from extreme overcrowding in transport trucks. Did you know that dog skin from countries where dogs are eaten for food is marked “cowhide” for Western export purposes? And an investigation into one of the good old U.S.A.’s largest slaughterhouses showed cows being trampled, dragged, rammed in the mouth with electric shock prods, and dismembered, all while fully conscious. I’m enclosing that footage.

The wide selection of synthetic leather gear now available—see PleatherYourself.com—means that today’s “rebels with a cause” won’t have any trouble keeping skins off their shins. 

Animals don’t have a voice, so they can’t be “Screaming for  Vengeance”, which is why we ask that as you finish up your current tour, you leave the hides behind and encourage your legions of fans to get "Hell Bent for Pleather" from now on. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information. Thank you for your time and attention. I hope to hear from you soon. 

Very truly yours,

Lisa Franzetta, Coordinator
International Grassroots Campaigns

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