Unwritten Law Guitarist Blown Up By Neighbor? 

08-31-02 antiGUY
If you want to talk about having a neighbor from hell, don't talk to Ozzy about throwing wood and food into his neighbors yard, instead ask Unwritten Law guitarist Steve Morris to give you his perspective and experience of having a neighbor throw bombs at his home. 

Morris was injured Thursday (8/29) night when a bomb exploded at his home. In a statement issued by Morris, he accuses his neighbor, a security guard and local police officer, of planting the homemade bomb that gave him a concussion and injured his eardrums. A police officer and a security guard were also injured when the bomb detonated. Police arrested the accused neighbor and took him into custody. 

Because of the injuries that Morris suffered from the explosion, Unwritten Law has been forced to cancel several upcoming concert dates. 

Morris has no doubt in his mind of who planted the bomb. He points to his neighbor who he has reportedly been feuding with over “noise levels”. (see the full story of the incident below)

"He planned this for a week and tried to kill me with a bomb," Morris told the Associated Press. "I can't believe someone would go to these lengths over a domestic dispute about noise levels. I'm sorry we have to cancel shows and disappoint our fans because of this vindictive individual."

Below is the full press release issued by Unwritten Law on their official website:

As a result of an ongoing domestic dispute with his 23 yr old neighbor over noise levels (which is hard to believe because Steve has hardly been home over the last 3 months), Steve, a police officer and security guard, were injured when an explosive device built by the neighbor exploded in close proximity. The devices, which were made of dry ice, were built by the neighbor and thrown at Steve’s front door and onto his balcony. The bomb thrown onto his balcony failed to detonate, so Steve, thinking it was just ice in a bottle, put it into the freezer as evidence to show the landlord. Then a second bomb detonated outside his front door, damaging the front door and a light fixture.  Upon hearing this explosion, Steve called security and the police.  When they arrived, they asked to see the original device, and 30 seconds after being removed from the freezer, it detonated in the hands of the security guard, severely injuring the security guard.  Steve and the police officer were also injured due to the blast, and Steve is suffering from a concussion and fluid in his ear drums. Medical advice received for this has dictated that Steve must take a break from touring until he has recovered to ensure that he is and will be ok.     We anticipate picking the tour back up on September 3rd in Chico.

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