Singled Out: Sheri Miller's Waking Up To This Miracle Life

Keavin Wiggins | 12-08-2021

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Singled Out: Sheri Miller's Waking Up To This Miracle Life
Promo photo courtesy Prospect PR

Sheri Miller recently released her new EP "Waking Up To This Miracle Life," and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the powerful title track and latest single from the effort. Here is the story:

As I was writing lyrics for "Waking Up To This Miracle Life" I strongly felt the energy of Joan of Arc, great warrior and heroine. Her energy was brilliantly strong, undeniable. Words started crystallizing in my mind "I've worn the key that locked me up in chains. I've sold myself as a martyr as a slave. I felt like Joan of Arc, Sword of Orleans raised, charging the night, with fierce second sight. My wild desire, a stallion ahead, I rode blind-folded where I was led. 'Till seizing the wind blowing his hair, I lifted on the wings of a simple prayer." In a rushing, gushing stream, I easily received a hurricane of lyrics, ripe with her valor and warrior energy. Glowing words that felt already written, floating, sparkling in the ethers. My work was to capture this magic.

It felt like a gift; yet I was afraid to keep Joan of Arc in the song. I thought people might judge me. For days I meditated on taking her out, yet ultimately I made a decision.

It's my pure intention to honor the art of songwriting; to be high-minded, pristine, true, and in full integrity to the energies, muses, creative masters that inspire songs, that sit over our shoulders as we write. I am only a vehicle to receive the songs; I am the translator and sculptor. It's my intention to honor the muses who send us the ideas. So I chose to be courageous like Joan of Arc, and I kept her in the song.

The art of song, and being true to one's artistic vision reigned victorious. Joan of Arc inspired the creation of "Waking Up To This Miracle Life," and now it's my supreme pleasure to honor her in this song.

I also felt passionately inspired creating 'Waking Up To This Miracle Life,' how it's a miracle to be alive; especially at this time. To wake up each morning with a heart beating of its own independent accord, lungs breathing oxygen without us turning on a power switch. How being alive in our physical bodies is such a gift; what an extraordinary miracle we have our genius cells working symbiotically in mysterious harmony. Though I don't understand electricity or the miracle of being born, I'm glad to be here! This record celebrates life passionately. It feels wonderful to focus on the magnificence of being alive. The chorus in "Waking Up To This Miracle Life" triumphantly sings "I scream to the heavens I'm alive, I'm alive, walked through fire, survived, survived. World keeps spinning I'm inspired, I'm inspired, Waking Up To This Miracle Life. I throw my hands up to the sky, see stars born in my mind's eye, feel your love could almost cry, Waking Up To This Miracle Life." No matter what struggles you've had (we all have), we're victorious because we're still here; we're still standing. You're never alone. If you believe in yourself, trusting there's unseen help available to us- these closed doors open just a crack, enough to allow our dreams to burst forth. Our timing gets good, and avalanches of beautiful opportunities flow like rivers into our experience. Your tiny extra bit of optimism opens the door to success, love, and more of your dreams realized. We can open our eyes from slumber, and see freshly, with love. We can choose love. I choose to keep waking up to this miracle life!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the EP here

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Singled Out: Sheri Miller's Waking Up To This Miracle Life

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