Cvlt Ov The Svn Release 'Hellbound' Video

Keavin Wiggins | 04-06-2021

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Cvlt Ov The Svn photo courtesy Freeman Promotions

Cvlt Ov The Svn have released a video for their new song "Hellbound". The track comes from their forthcoming album, "We Are The Dragon", which will be unleashed on May 7th.

The anonymous leader of the group had this to say, "Every one of us faces periods in life when all seems to be lost. My response to those kind of situations is to put the pedal to the floor and dive deep into the dark corners of my psyche."

And explains the reason for being anonymous, "It's easier to tell those grim stories through another identity, another character. Black cloaks just go with it, obviously.

"I'm a big fan of suspense and this kind of content is all about the surprises. I find it is an intriguing realm to explore. Whatever lies ahead, Cvlt Ov The Svn will adapt and thrive." Watch the video below:

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Cvlt Ov The Svn Release 'Hellbound' Video

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