The Nomadic Take Fans Back With 'Skaterpark'

Keavin Wiggins | 03-08-2021

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The Nomadic single art

The Nomadic have released a promo video for their brand new single "Skaterpark". The track comes from their forthcoming studio album "Beyond Blue".

Rob Gaylard had this to say about the song, "I am so excited for fans and members of 'The Nomadic tribe' to hear this one!! It's a little different from the songs we have released so far! For a start, it is co-written by my brilliant Nephew Guy Stonor, who at 17 years old is already an incredibly talented bass player, song writer, and producer! We were rooming together on a family holiday in Australia in Dec 2018, and he turned to me and said ' Hey Rob, let's write a song!'; at first I was a little doubtful, skeptical even, because I have always written my own songs! However very quickly I realized we would work very easily together! Guy is such a natural- kids these days!! He was like "let's try this lyric? Why don't you come in a little earlier on the vocals there? Etc etc. a born producer/ songwriter I would say!

"There really is so much talent in that family! I keep telling them they should be forming a band! My brother in law Pete is a great lead guitarist, my sister Pep is extremely creative, younger nephew Alex is brilliant at anything he turns his hand to (including being an amazing soccer player!) and niece Libby at 11 years old is already writing and producing her own songs! The dog Cookie might need a bit of musical training, but she's also very enthusiastic!! I can't wait to get them all over to NY post COVID-19 to work on some new material!

"For the story behind the song- I would encourage all listeners to think back to childhood, adolescence and/ or early adulthood! Can you think back to your earliest, best friend? Perhaps reminisce on the times you spent together, the fun you had, the memories you shared! Are you still in contact today? if not, would you consider reaching out to see how they are doing?!" Watch the promo video below:

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The Nomadic Take Fans Back With 'Skaterpark'

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