Singled Out: Granny 4 Barrel's The Art Of Deception

Keavin Wiggins | 03-16-2021

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Granny 4 Barrel single art courtesy Chipster

Granny 4 Barrel just released a new single and video called "The Art Of Deception" and to celebrate we have asked Granny to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

This is a song that was co-written with my friend, producer David Bendeth. It's a great example of the nuts and bolts of songwriting and how things can fit together when all the pieces are right.

He had an existing guitar riff and structure... But no lyrics. I've always thought that the imagery of wolves in sheep's clothing and the whole idea of deceptive characters in our lives was worthy of writing about if the right music was there.

My verse melody was actually his guitar melody that he had played over the first verse riffage. I really loved that it was slow, somber and menacing and it would cause me to have to drag out my words and hold notes a little bit longer than typical. To me that melody was one of the major hooks of the song and it instantly got into my brain.... I loved the dark vibe.

The song took a few weeks of going back-and-forth on... Trying out different melodies and phrasings... We also both played around with the lyrics and just kept tweaking it out until everything felt right.

After the song was recorded, but before it was mastered, I had listened to it so many times and I felt like I really needed a grand high note vocal ending.... reminiscent of a wolf howling in the night. David always laughs at me when I call him back after we've written something and I say "hey man do you think it would be cool if I did thus and so?....LOL" it's not that I am a perfectionist but as an artist there are so many options available on this sonic canvas that we work with. Once new music settles in over time, it's easy to think of new elements that could be added. So it's always worth a try because you never know how it's going to actually be until you do it.

So, I couldn't help myself and had to drive back 5 hrs from Syracuse back down to Montclair NJ just to sing the one high note at the end... The whole process from walking into the vocal booth, putting the headphones on and singing that high note 2 or 3 times took a total of 10 minutes. But I'm so glad that we did because the song wouldn't be the same without it!

We are both super proud of it and it fits so well with a lot of the horror visuals from Granny 4 Barrel. The theme is timeless and I think people can relate to shady characters in their lives posing as friends and allies when really they're only there for their own self interest. The song begs the question Who do you trust? Your friends? your leaders? Beware infiltrators among us....they are ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing!!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about Granny 4 Barrel here

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