Singled Out: Modern Error's The Truest Blue

Keavin Wiggins | 11-26-2021

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photo by Ashlea Bea courtesy Big Picture Media

Modern Error recently released their new single "The Truest Blue" from their forthcoming album, "Victim Of A Modern Age" (out January 21st) and to celebrate we asked vocalist Zak Pinchin to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

At the time of writing The Truest Blue, Modern Error was kind of established in a way we felt didn't really reflect us as artists. We had released 'Lost In The Noise' and were happy with it at the time, but moving forward we needed a new challenge. We needed to feel we needed to progress and strive for something newer that could harness us and our views. That's always provided us with a lot of inspiration, it comes from not being comfortable. I think we felt maybe we were going to fall into an idea that has already existed, and that's not what we are about. When we began writing for this next evolution of the band, and after trial and error, and experimenting with various sounds pallettes, I feel we found what our next step was.

This song initially began with us just exploring instrumentation. It was Kel that presented the original form of the song, which was just the throbbing bass sequence he had stumbled across, with some real drums underneath; a very basic version and incredibly stripped back. The bass sequence felt really interesting to us, and after developing the idea into something more like what you hear today, we knew we found what truly felt like the new 'Modern Error'.

Lyrically, I went in with a relatively open mind; keeping the idea of world reflection at the heart of it. I always feel letting your subconscious talk about the thing you believe in uncovers a level of truth the writer, and at that moment in time may not even understand themselves. I know it's probably brought out a level of honesty I won't face right now. That is the magic in art. Perhaps in years to come, like any other listener, I can look upon that song and see who the person was.

We went through a big shift writing this record, and we feel you can hear this in the record. Trusting ourselves and Kel taking on the role of producer, we kept things a lot closer to our chest, and it's taught us to overcome self doubt by taking a dive into holding all the cards. The record feels more unique because of that. This song and album as a whole is our self revolution, and I hope it can be that for others too. The Truest Blue is me and my brother in our truest form, we gave everything and pushed beyond our barriers at the time to unveil something that we felt was as honest as we could be. We will never stop pushing for the best version of ourselves.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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