Singled Out: Man Made Hills I'm Dead

Keavin Wiggins | 10-01-2021

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"Devilish" Americana singer-songwriter Man Made Hills just released his new album 'Lostboy,' and to celebrate we asked him to give us a deeper insight into the song, "I'm Dead." Here is the story:

This song is absolutely a fan favorite, and proved to be one of the most notable tracks on the album. "I'm Dead" came out of nowhere. I was trying to write a song about making amends with your past and finding peace in eternal uncertainty. It was supposed to be the last song for the album "Lostboy". I was emotionally exhausted from the process.

I took a deep breath, changed the key I was playing in and just started playing the most fun thing I could summon in that moment; pretty much the antithesis of the song I had been trying to write. The first line, "I was looking for a good time," just came out without even really thinking. I had just rewatched a bunch of Friday the 13th movies, and when I came up with the first line, I pictured a character from an 80's slasher movie going out on the town and looking for a good time; from there, I knew exactly where to take the song.

I ended up writing two songs that day and played them both for my fiancé, and when I was done playing "I'm Dead" she looked at me and said, "you have to record that song for the album!"

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and stream the full album here

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Singled Out: Man Made Hills I'm Dead

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