Light Grey Ask 'Are You Even Real' With New EP

Keavin Wiggins | 10-26-2021

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EP cover art

Irish pop-punkers Light Grey will be self-releasing their brand new EP, entitled "Are You Even Real" this Friday, October 29th as they continue their mission to represent rock music in homeland.

They said of the EP, "The main theme behind the EP is the complexities of a friendship gone sour, it's about coming to the realization that the friends you had were never really there for you in the first place. This is why we gave it the title 'Are You Even Real'.

"Because of the worldwide lockdowns over the past year or so, people are reassessing who their real friends are. This EP is a supplement to the pain of moving on from the toxic people in your life".

Light Grey also hopes that the effort will help them with their mission statement, "Walk through any Irish city street and you'll see there's no shortage of alt kids or punks in Ireland, to the point that it's shocking to not find modern pop punk bands here.

"Our fans exist here, they just need to find us. Irish music goes beyond slow ballads and top 40 pop songs, and we're here to prove it. Ireland is great for a lot of things and our new pop punk scene can be one of them."

Get a taste of the new EP with the recently released video for the song "PRBLM" below:

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