Singled Out: Coda Facto's Rock 'N' Roll Sounds

Keavin Wiggins | 09-09-2021

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Coda Facto are gearing up to release their debut Jamesville EP this fall and to celebrate we asked Alexander DeRoo to tell us about the single "Rock 'N' Roll Sounds". Here is the story:

I remember watching Queen's Live Aid performance in the early morning. When it finished, I picked up my guitar, a pen and paper, and wrote the entire song in 20 minutes.

My roommates were all asleep. I had to play quietly so I wouldn't awaken them. I sang in a whisper, which allowed me to exaggerate the chorus. Had I not been doing that, I suspect the song may have been quite different.

As I was writing "Rock 'N' Roll Sounds" I wondered, "Will I remain true to myself as I achieve my goals? Why am I consumed by the music? Will the ones I love understand me for who I am? Do I?" To me, this song is a reminder that everyone is unique. Many people are pursuing something meaningful to themselves. Not everyone is going to fully understand their choices and pursuits, let alone those of others.

I wanted to write an introspective story about a musician reflecting on their values, beliefs and choices, and the world around them. The song's intention is to capture a perspective people may not always consider. I wanted it to be a reflection of self-sacrifice, internal struggle and gratification.

Artists make sacrifices and compromises in pursuit of purpose. It is important to stay true to oneself and the vision. Values and beliefs, perspectives and attitudes often misalign. We must remember that lack of clarity does not mean lack of love.

We went in to record the song with little expectation other than trying to be honest with the process. "Rock 'N' Roll Sounds" set the bar for our "Jamesville" EP release this fall 2021.

We are excited to be sharing our music with the world. We hope "Rock 'N' Roll Sounds" and our upcoming "Jamesville" EP resonate with people overcoming their own challenges. We all face challenges and choose how they manifest in our lives. They can be obstacles that become barriers or wake-up calls transformed into opportunities. We decided to transform heartbreaks and disappointments into songs that acknowledge such experiences as part of an uplifting and inspiring future. That is what we want to share- with time, clarity is not found; it is realized.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the group here

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Singled Out: Coda Facto's Rock 'N' Roll Sounds

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