Former Dio Guitarist Craig Goldy Battling Mystery illness

Illness baffled doctors and specialists

Keavin Wiggins | December 27, 2022

Dio Dio band photo from Magica back cover
Dio band photo from Magica back cover

Former Dio lead guitarist Craig Goldy took to social media on Christmas to share a holiday message and also revealed that he has been battling a mystery illness.

Goldy wrote on Facebook, "Hey everyone!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! I've had a bit of a set back health-wise....nothing life threatening but no known cause and no known cure for just 1 of 4 things going on!

"Everything happens for a reason and even bad things come with a benefit! The reason and benefit is much more clear than what's going on ( a story for another time ) that has baffled 6 doctors and specialists...they don't know what it is either. But through a biopsy the one became known because what my symptoms were did not match anything in their data base.

"I have a new doctor and am optimistic that this is the beginning of the end for all four! BTW... whomever donated to help other's that did not receive a thank you or the 2 songs... please let me know so I can get caught up with you!

"The money remaining in the funds generated here has not been sent yet, because I wanted to make sure that after the meeting with the Senior Director of Development for the largest charity organization in San Diego was Non Denominational and those needing help did not have to have beliefs crammed down their throats before they could receive help.

"I'll keep you posted ...this place helps families before becoming homeless and into affordable housing that is dignified. They help with addiction and actually give new teeth to those who've been addicted to a narcotic of some sort and because of that they lose their teeth.

"They take in homeless families with children and pets. There is plenty of good food..I know cause I tried some....a warm bed, an address and phone number so they can receive the benefits they are eligible for that they did not know. Care for infants, one on one time with me and the staff....cause I was homeless once and sleeping in my car....and my story of triumph over adversity puts hope in their hearts! This place...It's for a lack of a better word....'A One Stop Shop'. Which is tremendously helpful because if you try and help someone and ask them to come back tomorrow.....we'll never see them again! And there's soooo much more! I'll be getting back to you individually as soon as possible."

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