Steve Hackett Explains Why He Left Genesis and Rules Out Reunion

Michael Angulia | 01-26-2021

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Steve Hackett Explains Why He Left Genesis and Rules Out Reunion
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Steve Hackett believes that a reunion with Genesis is unlike and he explained the reason why he decided to leave the group, during a new interview with the Vintage Rock Podcast.

Hackett spoke to the podcast to promote his new acoustic album "Under A Mediterranean Sky" and during the chat he was asked about why he left the band and also about the possibility of reuniting with the group. He responded, "I love so much of the work that we did together. I think that was a fabulous band, an incredible collection of brain children."

"So it was quite the team and of course, most people have gone their own way and done things separate. Occasionally it reconvenes, but I doubt that I will be involved with any of that, even though I will be up for it, I think there will be a resistance just because I think whatever Mike and Tony, I think their ideas, whatever they can control, they would do, but you know, that controlling interest is not going to be resigned, it's like loosening the reins just for a while, it isn't going to happen.

"So it's the reason I left. I, didn't want to remain employed in a band that I think I was supposed to be a full-blown member in, only to come up against the brick walls at times. But I don't resent that. It's just that I had a hit when I was still in the band and then the troubles really started for me because, as I say, as a very competitive team, perhaps, that was the downfall of Genesis.

"You know, when a band gets to the point where it's more competitive than collaborative, it's likely to be retired for the next 20 years or so. And then maybe there's a sort of 'hostilities cease' for a while, but it's only a matter of time before those salvos start up again. It's a very funny band that will sometimes congratulate you privately and publicly denounce you."

"It's extraordinarily competitive. What can I say? And I'm not the only one to have said that - he's been part of the band, ask Peter Gabriel, you know, he'll tell you the same thing." Check out the full interview here.

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