Blur's Dave Rowntree Goes Behind The Scenes Of London Bridge Video

Keavin Wiggins | 07-27-2022

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Dave Rowntree Single art
Single art

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree and artists Cauboyz have released a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the music video for Rowntree's debut solo single "London Bridge."

Rowntree had this to say, "I built some of the equipment and synthesisers that I have used for my new tracks and Cauboyz DIY approach really appealed to me.

"Their process of making cut out paper shapes and objects that are then animated by hand made machinery is incredible and I was keen to work with them to come up with an idea for 'London Bridge'."

Cauboyz shared, 'As soon as we listened to London Bridge, we interpreted it as the story of an ever-moving journey. The rhythm expresses a continuous forward movement and we wanted the installation to physically suggest this sensation.

"So that's how we got the idea of using rolls of paper that would evolve and change as the song progresses. We used five rolls of paper to create different scenes. They move at different speeds and directions allowing us to accentuate the feeling of movement.

"We also wanted to bring out the mood of the song by using strong geometric shapes and a visually abstract dimension. The scenes get more and more surreal as it unfolds.

"We drew the designs for the decors, some figurative; some abstract; and then we sent them to be digitally printed and we assembled them ourselves. At the same time, we designed and built a machine that would power the rolls'" Watch the making of video below:

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