Singled Out: Me From You's Borrowed Time

Keavin Wiggins | 12-11-2021

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Singled Out: Me From You's Borrowed Time
Band photo courtesy 25/8

Me From You just released their new EP, "Rival Towns", and to celebrate we asked Steven Murillo to tell us about the song "Borrowed Time". Here is the story:

"Borrowed Time" is the first song I started writing for this EP. It's a song that, lyrically, hits a broad spectrum of themes for me. While going through the writing and recording process for this song, so much of my life had started to change. The death of a family member, the end of friendships and relationships, relocations - when things change so suddenly in your life it's hard to find some solid ground or something to cling to for just a minute to get your bearings. I realized somewhere in this process that life moves swiftly, and all we really have are moments in our lives. Moments are everything. That moment you finally get home on a Friday night after five straight shifts of overtime, that moment at two in the morning when you ask yourself, "If I stay out will it be worth it?", or even the moment before you end the biggest relationship of your life. In the end all we truly are are these moments that we look back on and define our lives.

With this new found perspective, I set out to write a song a little closer to the chest. Developing this song with Alan Day was a dream come true. He brought out aspects and ideas to the song that we had either overlooked or had never even thought about. Lines like "Living on borrowed time", which serves as the thematic hook for the single, had only been sung one time originally through the chorus. "Take me through the motions, see the things that I've done. Here I am" is sung throughout the bridge section; although the lines were not there originally, it serves as a reminder in some ways as to how we contemplate about my past or things we might not be so proud of in our lives. Periods of self reflection are necessary. I don't think I could have written this song without it.

"Borrowed Time" starts off with ambient guitars and builds into this hard hitting chorus; which for me, is symbolic of the way life can hit you with love and heartbreak. The two are harmonious and it's important to ask yourself in those times, "is what I'm doing worth it? Am I on the right path or am I wasting time?". The feelings you get in these times in our lives are, above all else, what we tried to capture in this song. Those feelings of resilience, pain, excitement, heartbreak - they're all universal experiences and I think if you can relate to that then you can relate to this song.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the EP here

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Singled Out: Me From You's Borrowed Time

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