Singled Out: Cosmic Bull's Joe Namath Moment

Keavin Wiggins | 02-15-2022

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Cosmic Bull Photo courtesy NoVo
Photo courtesy NoVo

Chicago's Cosmic Bull recently released their new single "Joe Namath Moment" and to celebrate we asked mastermind Mark Vickery to tell us about the new track. Here is the story:

As a middle-aged guy releasing new music after 20 years, it occurred to me that I might need some justification for such a stunt. Perhaps I might bestow some pearls of wisdom gathered during all my extra time on the planet? This became the motivation for writing not only "Joe Namath Moment" but Cosmic Bull's entire 27x2 EP.

For those without a working knowledge of Monday Night Football embarrassments in the early 21st century, this single comes as something of an introduction. Joe Namath is a legit football hero from the olden days who, later on in life, found himself on live TV in front of millions of fans watching at home, being interviewed by an attractive female reporter. Except he was drunk. Not drunk: blotto. Long story short, all these years later, if you were to slurringly exclaim "I just wanna kiss you!" to a crowd of strangers a certain age, chances are they'll know you're doing Joe Namath.

Hence the pearl of wisdom therein: if something this bad can happen to an iconic, charismatic spokesman of NFL greatness like "Broadway Joe," what chance do you have of pulling it off? Don't be the drinking establishment's "elder statesman" and also think you can get the hottest babe in the place. Odds of it working in your favor are terribly low - and likely so are you.

"Joe Namath Moment" was written on cigar-box guitar and produced to a cavalcade of sonic adventure by my friend Scott Tallarida at Trigger Chicago. It features Kevin O'Donnell on drums, Newtron Cole on percussion and Paul von Mertens on saxophone.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the project here

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Singled Out: Cosmic Bull's Joe Namath Moment

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