Singled Out: Raygun Romance's Adore You

Keavin Wiggins | 06-08-2022

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Raygun Romance Single art
Single art

Former Powerman 5000 guitarist Ty Oliver's Raygun Romance project recently released a music video for his new single "Adore You", and to celebrate we asked Ty to tell us about the song. here is the story:

"Adore You" is actually a remade version of a song I had finished last summer (2021) . The lyrics and hook in the chorus came to me rather quickly and seemingly out of nowhere. I didn't have a specific inspiration for them, but I was super excited about what I had and built the rest of the song around it. I finished a couple more tracks around this same time, and in comparison it just wasn't holding up and I decided to put it on the back burner.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2022, and I decided to try and resurrect the track, take a fresh approach to it. Fix the things I didn't like and improve it. I made a new intro for it, and once again put the song on the back burner. I didn't come back to it until a few months later.

This time, I had fresh inspiration. I'd been in a complicated, yet very powerful relationship for a few months that gave me plenty to write about. I remade the verse sections, with improved music and fresh lyrics.

Everything fell into place rather quickly and I felt like I had finally "cracked the code" Suddenly, those Lyrics in the Chorus made perfect sense.
It's a real time ode to a very powerful connection with someone that will ultimately end badly, but the chemistry is so intense we can't stay away from one another.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the project here

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