Singled Out: Lunatic High's Paralyzed

Keavin Wiggins | 04-11-2023

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Lunatic High Single art
Single art

Lunatic High just released their explosive new single, "Paralyzed." To celebrate we asked them to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

"Paralyzed" is the third release from Lunatic High. We're a (kinda) brand new band from Baltimore, Maryland and Campo Grande, Brasil. It's something we're mega-excited to release, as it was our first recorded song and one we've waited to release for a while.

The song was conceived by accident, really. Our bassist and one of two founding members, Rob, was in another band with the other founding member, Daniel, years ago. We would hold day-long writing sessions at remote AirBNBs so we could write without having to worry about anything stupid like neighbors or bedtime. Unfortunately, that practice stagnated and nothing was really getting done. Rob was goofing off and improvised what became the intro riff to Paralyzed, and the other members of the band wanted to keep it and write from it. Then, for some bizarre reason, their drummer at the time asked Rob to keep playing it while he- I sh*t you not- screamed a Tom Morello-style (I think?) riff over the top of it. And I mean that literally, he just screamed it. I'm not sure what the goal was or if music was being made, but someone was definitely harmed. Of all moments in music history, that was one.

The old band crashed and burned, then Lunatic High was born, and the song came together after that. There was only bass, keys, and drums, hence the bass-heavy lead and rhythm style it had, and it became the first Lunatic High song. Nat and Ryan came on board shortly after, and the song was rounded out. Funny enough, the guitar solo was a last minute, "Hey guys, I got this!" thing. Ryan came up with it out of nowhere, and it was too good to pass up, despite nearing the end of production.

The lyrics were inspired by demeaning relationships. It's really for any kind of relationship: co-workers, friends, romantic relationships... Bandmates. In essence, it's a gaslighting anthem (which, in retrospect, should have been the name of the song). There always seems to be that jackass in your life that wants to manipulate you and everyone around you into believing some twisted view of reality, and will often go to any lengths to assure it. The worst offenders will usually spout off to anyone who will listen, no matter how quiet you remain or how many high roads you're forced to take. What's worse, is these people are usually charmers in one way or another, which is exactly how they gaslit their dumbass way into your life to begin with. They take all you try to do for them, toss it in the trash, and then dump the garbage soup they make all over anyone in the near vicinity, including you. Then, everyone smells like garbage, and you're (kinda) the source, despite the fact that said douchebag was the one that spewed garbage everywhere.

Y'know what, these motherf***ers are kinda pissing me off just writing about them.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the band here

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Singled Out: Lunatic High's Paralyzed

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