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Page Too Report for 12/02/2016

Kanye West May Have A 'Serious Psychiatric Problem' Says Dr. Drew

(Radio.com) "Kanye West seems to be suffering from a significant mental health problem," according to Dr. Drew Pinksy. The addiction medicine physician weighed in on West's condition Thursday morning (Dec. 1) during his weekly radio segment with KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show.

After praising the hip hop icon for staying in the hospital as long as he did (ten days), Pinsky stressed that "Someone who stays in the hospital more three days is in the throes of a very serious psychiatric problem." Pinsky admitted that he has had no personal contact with West, and has no first hand knowledge of the incident that got West admitted to the hospital, but the fact that the rapper had to be physically restrained led him to believe that West is suffering from a "manic psychosis." Pinsky was quick to point out that in Wests's age group, that is rather unusual. "Usually bi-polar mania, if it's going to be that severe, comes on in the early adulthood years, but if you add in, later in your 30s or 40s, things like sleeping medication or anti-depressants you could precipitate a manic episode in someone who might not have otherwise become truly manic."

He surmised that, after West's grueling tour schedule, someone may have given West some sleeping medication, which would be appropriate. "Maybe coming on and off that and maybe some other medicines can really get bi-polar roaring into a manic state," explains Pinsky.

"Once you're in that situation, you're paranoid, you're irritable, your thoughts are derailed, you're grandiose--and the very thing--you say 'It's Kanye being Kanye'--the very thing that may have made him so successful, his sense of specialness and expansiveness… when it's under control can be a source of great expression and artistic inspiration, becomes a real serious medical crisis."

"I was a few feet away from him during the MTV Video Music Awards two years ago," recalls Pinsky. "My wife was poking me going, 'He's manic, you gotta get him off the stage. This is very uncomfortable.'"

Bean noted that, "The tide seems to have turned for celebrities and mental illness where it used to just be, 'Hey let's make fun of that person because they're going through a bad patch,' and now I feel like--and you saw this with the Kid Cudi situation--now I feel like people are really rooting for Kanye, because they realize this is serious an this is real." Read more here.

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Lil Twist Sentenced To Year In Jail For Assault Charge

(Radio.com) Rapper Lil Twist (legal name Christopher Lynn Moore) was sentenced to one year in jail and three years of probation for assaulting Nickelodeon actor Christopher Massey with brass knuckles during a robbery.

Moore plead no contest to the charges, and entered a plea deal despite L.A. county prosecutors' insistence that no such deal should occur. "It was not a negotiated plea," DA spokesman Ricardo Santiago told The New York Daily News.

The November 7 incident occurred at the home of Massey's younger brother Kyle (also a Nickelodeon actor). Prosecutors claimed that after Moore was told to leave a party, he returned with four associates, "jumped" Christopher and stole his Rolex watch. Read more here.

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Wu-Tang Clan Sued By Founding Member

(Radio.com) Founding Wu-Tang Clan member U-God allegedly suing the legendary rap group for about $2.5 million, reports TMZ. U-God reportedly claims in his suit that the group breached his contract and that he hasn't been paid royalties for at least six years.

He also says he wasn't paid for merchandising or for the rare double album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, which was bought by controversial entrepreneur Martin Shkreli for $2 million.

The rapper has requested a full accounting of Wu-Tang's revenue streams as part of the suit. U-God has been on every Wu-Tang studio albums. Read more here.

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Leonard Cohen Free Tribute Event Announced

(Radio.com) New York's Lincoln Center will honor the late Leonard Cohen, who died in his sleep on November 7. The free event is open to the public and will be held outside on Hearst Plaza on December 5 from noon to 4 p.m., reports Rolling Stone.

Lincoln Center's Programming Department and producer Hal Wilner have designed a program that will not include speakers or live performances. Instead, it will focus on material from the legendary songwriter's body of work, chosen by friends and fans.

Cohen's son, Adam Cohen, wrote a moving tribute to his late father, giving thanks "first for his music which seduced me as a boy, then for his encouragement of my own music and finally for the privilege of being able to make music with him." Read more here.

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Dolly Parton Starts Fund To Help Wildfire Victims

(Radio.com) Just one day before the Gatlinburg wildfires, country music legend Dolly Parton released a joint PSA with Smokey the Bear warning about the dangers of fire in a drought.

Then, on November 27 and 28, fires devastated the eastern Tennessee area. At least seven people were killed in the fires in Sevier County and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, reports BBC News.

In response, the country icon has set up the "My People" fund to help victims of the wildfires. "I've always believed charity begins at home," Parton said. The fund will provide $1,000 a month, for six months to families who lost their homes in the fires. In addition, The Dollywood Foundation set up a program for people to donate to victims of the fires. Read more here.

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New Music Christmas Ornaments Include David Bowie, The Cure Singer

(Classic Rock) David Bowie, The Cure's Robert Smith and Nick Cave will liven up Christmas trees this holiday season in the form of a new range of festive decorations.

Designer Matthew Lineham has branched out with The Very New Wave Christmas set, featuring the pun-tastic 'David Snowie', 'Saint Nick' and 'Merry Smithmas' ornaments.

Other music icons who have been given the yuletide treatment include Siouxsie Sioux, who will be transformed into Cindy Lou Who from the popular Dr Seuss tale, How The Grinch Stole Christmas.Morrissey will also star as Snow Mozzer and Heat Mozzer, based on the Miser Brothers from the 70s festive film The Year Without A Santa Claus, while Adam Ant will be reimagined as the Nutcracker soldier. Read more here.

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Metal Singer Among MasterChef Quarter Finalists

(Metal Hammer) The singer from an English metal band has reached the quarter finals of TV cooking show MasterChef: The Professionals. Rich Donohoe is the frontman with Nottingham, UK, band The Parasite Syndicate and he also works as a chef at a catering company in the Midlands town.

And on last night's episode of BBC2 show MasterChef: The Professionals, he wowed the judges with his dishes. The full episode can be viewed below, and Donohoe appears on the show again tonight (Thursday) on BBC2.

Before his food was judged, Donohoe said: "To describe my food, I'd say it's Scandinavian Asian fusion. There is a little part of me that worries that they won't understand my food."

But his performance in the Skills Test segment of the show proved near flawless, earning him a place in the quarter finals. Check out video and read more here.

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Miranda Lambert Leads CBS' 'A Home for the Holidays' Special

(Radio.com) While people gather with their loved ones to celebrate the holidays this year, Miranda Lambert will be helping spotlight those in the United States still waiting to find a family.

The country musician will headline A Home for the Holidays special on CBS on December 23rd. She'll be joined by pop stars Alessia Cara and Rachel Platten, who will each perform as well.

Besides a selection of songs, the special will focus on families whose lives have been changed for the better by adoption. There will also be a special segment detailing the 420,000 children still waiting to find their forever homes. Read more here.

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Ed Sheeran Plays Justin Bieber Collab At Intimate Show

(Radio.com) Ed Sheeran covered the song he co-wrote with Justin Bieber, "Love Yourself," on Wednesday night (November 30th) during an intimate acoustic performance he gave at the East Anglian Children's Hospice gala. It marked his first show of 2016.

Sheeran's version is slightly jauntier than Bieber's more somber take. Though he had a hand in its creation, Sheeran doesn't see himself playing the song much in the future. "I'll probably never play it again, but I just want to play it once," he told the audience before he began strumming.

He also made fun of the cut he sustained on his face when Princess Beatrice reportedly pretended to knight James Blunt at a party. "Hung out with Japanese people…got my face cut open. Anyone read about that?" Sheeran quipped (via BBC News).

While Sheeran has kept a relatively low profile throughout 2016, he has made time for worth causes. Besides playing this gala, he visited a 9-year-old fan earlier in November while she was in the hospital. The little girl has spent a reported 80% of her life in hospitals and enjoyed a private serenade from Sheeran. Watch Sheeran's cover of "Love Yourself" here.

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Run the Jewels Reveal 'RTJ3' Details and Stream New Song

(Radio.com) Run the Jewels fans won't have to wait too much longer for the duo's highly anticipated third studio album. El-P and Killer Mike announced today that Run the Jewels 3 will be released January 13th. They also shared the new track "Legend Has It."

The duo also shared the cover art for RTJ3. El-P and Killer Mike worked with previous collaborator Tim Saccenti to bring their pistol and fist imagery to life. The album features those two symbols rendered in 3D and painted gold. "For us, the RTJ1 hands were about 'taking what's yours' – your world, your life, your attitude.

The RTJ2 hands were wrapped in bandages, signifying injury and healing, which for us represented the growth in ideas and tone of that album," the duo said in a press release. "For RTJ3 the bandages are off, the chain is gone and the hands have been transformed into gold. For us this represents the idea that there is nothing to take that exists outside of yourself. You are the jewel."

The release date for RTJ3 comes just two days after Run the Jewels kick off their 2017 world tour, which begins on January 11th in Philadelphia. Check out the cover art and "Legend Has It" here.

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Kid Cudi's Delayed Album Finally Coming This Month?

(Radio.com) Even though Kid Cudi wanted to release his forthcoming album 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' in September, a few technical hiccups caused him to delay its drop. Now it appears everything has been sorted, and the album will arrive soon. Very soon.

According to updated iTunes information, Cudi's next project will be released on December 16th. The 19-track album includes features from Travis Scott, Pharrell, Willow Smith and more.

Thus far, Cudi has shared the tracks "Frequency," "Baptized in Fire" featuring Travis Scott and "Surfin'" featuring Pharrell. Cudi's sixth studio album follows a period of intense personal focus for the rapper. Read more here.

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Demi Lovato 'In The Studio Right Now' Working On New Music

(Radio.com) After she wrapped up her co-headlining tour with Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato made it explicitly clear that she couldn't wait to take a break. But it turns out that she hasn't stopped working altogether even if she is taking it a bit easier these days.

Speaking with Extra about her involvement with the Be Vocal campaign, which aims to bring awareness to bipolar disorder, Lovato also discussed her plans for the future.

"New music? I'm in the studio right now, I don't know when I'll release it. I'll release it when it's ready," she said. If it seems like that's less of a break than she initially intended, she clarified that she's definitely taking it easy. Read more here.

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Lenny Kravitz Talks New TV Series 'Star'

(Radio.com) For Lenny Kravitz's latest acting role, he doesn't need reach very far: On Star, he plays a fictional rock god with an ambitious young daughter. In a new behind-the-scenes featurette, Kravitz and creator Lee Daniels (Empire, The Butler, Precious) discuss the similarities between the actor and Roland Crane, the character he plays.

"The character of Roland Crane is nothing new to me," Kravitz explains in the clip. "We are musicians, but he's not supportive of what his daughter is doing."

Kravitz' own daughter Zoe has risen through the ranks of young Hollywood, appearing in a number of blockbusters and independent films in recent years. In the featurette, co-star Queen Latifah praised Kravitz' willingness to play "selfish" on the series. Star premieres December 14 at 9:00 pm on Fox. Watch the featurette here.

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Dustin Lynch Releases 'Seein' Red' Video

(Radio.com) Dustin Lynch can't move past a hot and heavy moment he had with a beautiful girl in his new music video for the track "Seein' Red." The clip co-stars model Yoli Lara, and as Lynch and his band perform the song together, he's forced to watch scenes from their past projected on a big screen.

Lynch and Lara cuddle and get intimately close in black and white footage, which is all surrounded by a red border nodding to the song's title. As the song progresses, what Lynch watches onscreen eventually invades the white-washed performance space, and he and his band feel the full effects of "seein' red."

"I really put a lot of time in to dreaming up how to capture the energy and sexiness that 'Seein' Red' is," Lynch said, speaking with ET. "[Director] Adam Rothlein came up with the idea of us 'battling/performing' to a flashback or fantasy that escalates in to us being completely consumed by it, and I knew this was the perfect fit to bring this song to life."

Lynch and his co-star didn't have much time to get to know one another before they got cozy, but you'd never know from the heat they bring onscreen. Watch it here.

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Neil Diamond, Natalie Portman Play 'Password' With Jimmy Fallon

(Radio.com) Jimmy Fallon does a legendary Neil Young impression, but earlier this week a different Neil appeared on his show to play Password with Fallon, Natalie Portman and JJ Abrams.

It was Neil Diamond and Fallon versus Portman and Abrams, and the first round's password was "salsa." Diamond got close but not close enough with his guess of "salad," which, to be fair, was more on-the-money than his original guess of "Charo."

In the next round, the password was "tickle." Perplexingly, Diamond doubled down: "Can I use 'salad' again?" he asked. It didn't help matters that Portman and Abrams were operating on the same wavelength. The Harvard-educated star of Jackie guessed "tickle" based on the simple clue "feather."

Finally, the password was "Mistletoe." Diamond returned once again to leafy salad imagery for his hints. By the end, he and Fallon lost the game in a landslide.

"I've never thought about salad more in my life!" exclaimed Fallon. Watch it here.

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Divorce Inspired RaeLynn's New Single 'Love Triangle'

(Radio.com) RaeLynn's new single, "Love Triangle" is -- sadly -- resonating with a lot of Americans. The song is inspired by her experiences in dealing with her parents' divorce; she was three years old at the time.

She told Radio.com, "I never thought, when I wrote the song, that it would be a single, I just thought it would be a song on my album. But when I found out that over 51% of marriages end in divorces. I knew right then that this just wasn't my story."

And once she started performing "Love Triangle," she learned, first hand, that she was right. When I started singing the song on radio tours — and I wrote it when I was 18, so I've been singing it for four years — fans would just come up to me and tell me how the song relates to them. I heard so many stories already, without my album even being out yet."

"This is a song that needed to be written," she says. "There's been a couple of songs about divorce in country music, but none from the child's perspective.

She shared her father's reaction to the song: "My dad said, 'I remember me and your mom having conversations about making sure you wouldn't feel the way we feel about each other. We would hide you from it.' But I remember as a kid, when my dad dropped me off with my mom, it was very cut and dried. But that's just how it is." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Matthew Wolcott's Western Lights

Dallas-based singer-songwriter Matthew Wolcott released his new debut EP "Western Lights" today (Dec 2) and to celebrate we asked him to tell us the story behind the title song. Here is the story:

Like many of my songs, the initial inspiration for "Western Lights" derives from personal experience, but the story is deliberately universal. I wrote it quickly by my standards, over a weekend after returning home from a wintery Las Vegas road trip that could not conclude fast enough. While the song is obviously about something coming to an end, it's not so much a downhearted take on endings as much as having the resolve for closure and a hopeful eye toward the future. The verses supply some context, but the overall message is encapsulated in two lines:

When those bright
Western lights
Fade from that December sky
And paradise is out of sight

That grand terrain
Will not let my spirit sway
And this mighty engine is
Screaming home tonight

My first instinct for the arrangement for "Western Lights" was that it should not follow a standard verse/chorus/bridge format, but instead be a driving song that built to an ending. This alone makes it stand out from other songs I've written, and it took some trial and error to sell myself on the idea. I recorded quite a few demos that ranged from a pared-down piano-swinger to a fuzzed-out garage-rocker. But with the final demo, I landed somewhere very close to where I started. From a mood standpoint, it's a contemporary attempt at the vastness and momentum of Jackson Browne's "Running on Empty" while maintaining the intimate energy of Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy."

I love the instrumentation in the track. Drummer Victor Indrizzo and bassist Sean Hurley laid down as solid a foundation as there is. We took care not to let the acoustic guitars get buried in the mix, and when the song picks up, they provide a nice compliment to Victor and Sean's energy. The recurring piano line takes some prominence, but it's really Roger Manning's layered keyboard work and David Levita's arpeggiated guitar lines that help to create the song's wide, scenic feel. The driving synth part in the second verse evokes the pop sensibilities of Don Henley's early 80's solo work, and I think it serves the song well.

Being a solo artist affords a unique opportunity to seek out the right personnel for a project. I knew that Joe Chiccarelli would understand where I wanted to go and how to get there, and I was thrilled that he jumped on board to produce and engineer this EP. The recording sessions were an absolute pleasure, and while I was not sure whether they would yield a single, I was cautiously optimistic about "Western Lights."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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