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Page Too Report for 12/05/2016

Steven Adler Jams UYI Songs With Guns N' Roses Cover Band

(Classic Rock) Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler has performed a number of songs from the band's Use Your Illusion albums live. Answering critics who he says accuse him of not being able to play tracks from the 1991 albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II, Alder tells Mitch Lafon (via LA Weekly): "For all the people that don't think I'm capable of playing songs off of Use You Illusion, here you go. Thank you for your concerns."

His comments relate to video footage of him performing a full set of GNR tracks with a tribute band called Son Of A Gun at The Roxy Live club in Buenos Aires following the band's gig in the Argentinean capital last month.

The setlist included covers of GNR's Use Your Illusion tracks Back Off Bitch, Knockin' On Heaven's Door and You Could Be Mine. They also played other GNR classics on the night. Footage of Adler's performance can be viewed here.

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Psychostick Release Christmas Themed System Of A Down Cover

(Classic Rock) Psychostick have released a video for their Christmas-themed version of System Of A Down's B.Y.O.B. The self-styled 'humor-core' band have named their song N.O.E.L and reworked the lyrics to poke fun at the consumerist nature of the Christmas season.

The new humor themed version of the song includes lyrics like "manufactured lies from the greeting card" and "everybody's dropping money on people they don't like."

Psychostick say: "Metal up your holidays with this cheerful ballad of seasonal consumerism. Funny Christmas song for your great aunt." Watch the video here.

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Queen Classic Given Classical Makeover

(Classic Rock) Queen track The Show Must Go On has been given a classical makeover by Croatian duo 2Cellos. Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser have also issued a video for the song which originally appeared on Queen's 1991 record Innuendo - the band's final studio album released in frontman Freddie Mercury's lifetime.

He died later that year from bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS. The pair say: "For the first time, we worked on a Queen song. We did it to celebrate one of the greatest artists ever - Freddie, we've been missing you for 25 years."

In 2014, 2Cellos mixed Iron Maiden's The Trooper with the William Tell Overture and also revamped AC/DC's Thunderstruck. They've also covered tracks from other artists including U2 and Nine Inch Nails on previous albums. Watch the video here.

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Grace VanderWaal Streams New Song 'Clay'

(Radio.com) After stealing America's hearts, winning season 11 of America's Got Talent and releasing her own EP Perfectly Imperfect, Grace returns with the lyric video for her empowering single "Clay."

VanderWaal originally debuted the song for her finale performance on America's Got Talent. Although she hasn't aligned with any anti-bullying campaigns or coalitions, the message seems a necessary reminder for anyone who has faced that issue.

On the chorus, VanderWaal sings, "Cause you don't hurt me/ I won't mold to your silly words/ I won't live inside your world/ Cuz your punches and your names/ All your jokes and stupid games/ They don't work, no they don't hurt/ Watch them just go right through me/ Because they mean nothing to me."

The lyric video is, appropriately enough, stop animation with a piece of clay at the center. The sorbet-colored clay morphs and molds into different pretty shapes until it eventually reveals VanderWaal, who rises above the mass. It's a pastel colored look at strength. Check out the new song here.

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The Lumineers Release Their Cover Of 'Blue Christmas'

(Radio.com) After performing a cover of "Blue Christmas," a holiday song made famous by Elvis Presley, last week (December 1st) at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, The Lumineers have released that track to stream.
Fans of the indie band will appreciate their low key take on Presley's hit. Wesley Schultz's mournful vocals reverberate in The Lumineers' version until Neyla Pekarek joins him, adding harmonies to make the already melancholy song even more somber.

The band keeps the instrumentation stripped down to the essentials, so the lyrics maintain their impact. "Blue Christmas" is available on iTunes, Spotify and more. Listen here.

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Keith Urban Honors First Responders At New Zealand Concert

(Radio.com) Even though Keith Urban was born in Australia, he has yet to perform in nearby New Zealand, but that changed on Saturday (December 3rd) when his Ripcord Tour performed in Wellington.

And to make the show more special, Urban offered some of the country's first responders a chance to attend for free. The country experienced a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake near the town of Kaikoura on November 14th. It devastated towns and left several thousand homeless (via New Zealand Herald News). When Urban heard about the disaster, he used his own money to purchase several blocks of tickets for those who responded and helped out.

"We cannot forget the incredible work of our first responders at the local Civil Defense, Emergency Services and Defense Force," said Urban in a press release. " Read more here.

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Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Duet In 'The Shack' Trailer

(Radio.com) Husband and wife Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have new duet titled "Keep Your Eyes on Me." The song is featured in the new trailer for the forthcoming film The Shack.

Based on the New York Times best-selling novel, by William P. Young The Shack tells the story of a father's journey towards recovery following the loss of a child.

The film stars Sam Worthington, Octavia Spence and Graham Greene. McGraw also has a supporting part in the film, playing the role of Willie, a friend to Worthington's lead character Mack. Check out the full trailer here.

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Rick Ross Releases 'Buy Back the Block' Video

(Radio.com) Rick Ross has released a new music video for the track "Buy Back the Block" featuring 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane. The video is more like a short film at over eight minutes long.

In the opening scene, Ross and Gucci wash cars at a local business where they're both employees, but they get to talking about buying back the block to really start turning a profit and help their community. "If we buy the car wash, we might as well buy the gas station," Ross tells his colleague. Gucci responds, "You know what? We need to buy the block."

The video switches to scenes of a rough neighborhood that has fallen prey to hard times because crime has replaced viable businesses. Ross, Gucci and 2 Chainz stand outside convenience stores and apartment complexes to rap about their plans to transform the block by focusing on property investments.

"Buy Back the Block" marks the first single off Ross' forthcoming ninth album Rather You Than Me, which arrives in early 2017. Watch the explicit eight minute video here.

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Train Announce New Album 'a girl a bottle a boat'

(Radio.com) Train will be returning in 2017 with a new album entitled
a girl a bottle a boat." It marks the band's first new original music since their 2014 album Bulletproof Picasso.

Train already shared the album's first single, "Play That Song," which borrows the central melody from the 1938 single "Heart and Soul" by Howard Hoagland "Hoagy" Carmichael.

Train's frontman, Pat Monahan, said about their new album, "Every album I've ever been a part of writing has had a fair amount of difficulty. Wanting to touch people's lives is a daunting task but when it happens it makes all of the blood sweat and tears worth it. a girl a bottle a boat has been the most fun and fulfilling I think of all of the Train albums." Read more here.

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Victoria's Secret Angels Take On Bruno Mars' '24K Magic'

(Radio.com) It turns out the Victoria's Secret Angels are big fans of Bruno Mars, so much so that they released a video lip-syncing to his hit single "24K Magic." The video finds the Angels showing off an array of lingerie, bikinis and clothing from the company while they dance and jive to Mars' funky fresh song. Mars and his crew may have the moves in the song's music video, but the Angels provide another type of eye candy.

The musical nod comes because Bruno Mars will perform at the annual fashion show. Though, it's not the first time in recent months that models have been used to add a visual flash to a hit song. George Michael's "Freedom '90" video also got a fashion model twist in September, when a bevy of young models recorded an updated version lip-syncing to the song.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was held this year for the first time in Paris. It will air on CBS on December 5th at 10pm ET. Watch the video clip here.

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Brett Eldredge Talks His Christmas Album 'Glow'

(Radio.com) "I've been waiting to record a Christmas album since I was a little kid," Brett Eldredge revealed to Radio.com. But his album, Glow, is notably different from any other country artist's holiday album, mostly because of his love for crooners like Frank Sinatra.

"I wanted to do it one way, the big band classic way," he says. "I recorded Glow in New York City, and I spent a whole week of just living in New York and living that music, working with a thirty piece orchestra. Fine whiskey in a glass and wearing a suit, decorating the room with lights, it was magic."

The album features a duet with Nashville songwriter turned pop star Meghan Trainor on "Baby It's Cold Outside." "Meghan Trainor is an extremely soulful person. She's so much fun to be around and so much fun to watch. We had a history. We were in People's "One To Watch" party in LA, and we didn't know anybody there. It was all people in Game of Thrones and movies and she and I were like 'OK, What do we do?' We really hit it off and the next thing you know [I'm saying] 'I would love to have you on this song.' And she jumped right on board." Read more here.

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DJ Earworm Takes On 2016 Hits With New Mashup

(Radio.com) Has it really been six months since DJ Earworm took all the biggest hits of the summer and created his mash-up extraordinaire "Summermash 16"? Well, he's back with his end-of-the-year finale, "United State of Pop 2016 (Into Pieces)."

DJ Earworm shared his latest mash-up to celebrate the year in music. He culled together the biggest songs of 2016 and blended them together in a new (catchy?) tune.

"United States of Pop 2016" features Zayn, Rihanna, Calvin Harris and more. Although there are a few names on the list that appear more than once, Rihanna and Twenty One Pilots tie for most uses. Each one shows up in the mashup with three different songs. See the song list here.

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Troy and Kyle Sanders Do Another Comedy Ad Video For Orange

(Metal Hammer) Bassist brothers Troy Sanders and Kyle Sanders star in another funny promo for Orange Amplifiers. The Orange Amps promo follows their spoof bass-off in the fictional Orange Amplifier Classic Competition.

Mastodon's Troy and Hellyeah's Kyle offer a half-baked demonstration of the Orange Crush amplifiers in their outdoor studio before Orange rep Alexxx attempts to take over.

Troy says: "My favorite amp is the bass amp. it's got a plug, you can plug it into the wall", as Kyle adds: "This one's got a handle and it can either go on or off."

The pair proceed to shut down the rep's sales talk and instead take a series of absurd phone calls - including a confused competition winner and a heavy breather who asks Kyle to take his shirt off. Watch the video here.

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Daft Punk Celebrating Christmas With New Holiday Merch

(Radio.com) Daft Punk may not have any shows lined up for the rest of the year (or the foreseeable future), but the French dance music duo have been busy coming up with something special for the holidays.

Not only have Daft Punk been adding to their online shop lately, they've just branched out into Christmas-themed merch. Demand is clearly high as items such as Christmas tree ornaments are already sold out.

Festive snow globes, candles and ornaments feature the Daft Punk logo and the group's iconic helmets. Sadly, due to shipping dates, it's unlikely that the products will be available in time for Christmas.Read more here.

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Solange To Hold Open Audition For Band Members

(Radio.com) Solange's long-awaited album A Seat at the Table was recorded in laid-back jam sessions with unusual instruments and a focus on collaboration. The soul star basically created various communes of creative people to help bring her vision to life.

Now, Solange has placed an open call for New Orleans-based musicians to "bring the magic to her fans." Solange posted the notice on the site for Saint Heron, a project under her Saint Records label.

'Calling all musicians in New Orleans and the surrounding areas!" reads the post. 'We're in search of vocalists, guitarists and keyboardists' we're holding auditions for talented instrumentalists and singers to become part of the musical team that helps Solo bring the magic to her fans." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Dead Leaf Echo

Today Brooklyn buzz band Dead Leaf Echo tell us about their new song "I will do (anything)" which comes from their recently released split cassette. Here is the story:

"I clearly remember where half of "I will do (anything)" originated from. My friend Geoff Diesel (Slowness) was in town visiting from San Francisco and was toying around with the idea living in New York. He had been moving around from the East Village but had just gotten a place down the street from where we lived in Williamsburg. It was a really cool spot�very bohemian right near the firehall and it had this huge lofted master bedroom.

We ransacked the place partying one afternoon and I remember his creme Telecaster just laying on the bed�.we had just been on about the early REM stuff and such�and when I picked up the guitar the rift and melody to the verse and chorus came together right then and there on the 1st take.

It must be one of those "magic" instruments as I know he writes a bunch of material on it as well. The half-time sections were worked out later in rehearsal but I'll never forget staring up at the high ceilings with us dancing around the room when that came together.

As this became the 1st song that we recorded for our upcoming 2nd LP at the time after we recorded it, it quickly was put away to the side in favor of older recordings for our live show and an inability to translate it live. Now that the song has finally been released 2 years later, we began to pick up again (live) and to our surprise found it in quite better shape than we left it last go around, so it found room on our setlist once again."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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