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Nickelback Won't Be Used As Drunk Driving Punishment After All

(TeamRock) The Canadian police officer who made a joke about Nickelback in an attempt to draw attention to an anti drink-drive campaign has said sorry to the band.

Constable Rob Hartlen last week published a post on the Kensington Police Service Facebook page, making a light-hearted threat that anyone arrested for DUI would be made to listen to Nickelback on their way to jail.

It's been reported by TMZ that the band contacted the cops and asked for the post to be removed. But the officer has said that the decision to delete was taken after he made contact with the band to apologies - and that he discovered they share strong feelings about drink-drivers.

As a result, a new DUI initiative is to be created, inspired by his conversation with Nickelback. Hartlen has posted a detailed apology, describing his own actions as a form of bullying and asserting that he should have known better. He says: "At the time I thought this was a great idea, all pure intentions. As we have seen, our little post became an international story.

"Somewhere in the noise the message 'Don't drink and drive' was overshadowed by negativity towards the band. The more successful the post became, the less the message was mentioned and the fact we love or love to hate Nickelback took centre stage." Read more here.

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Foo Fighters Resisted Dave Grohl's 'Crazy' Idea

(Classic Rock) Taylor Hawkins has admitted that the Foo Fighters thought frontman Dave Grohl was crazy when he said he'd perform shows while recovering from a broken leg.

He suffered the injury after falling off stage in June 2015, leading to the cancellation of a handful of concerts before Grohl returned to action with the help of a custom-made throne.

The idea for the contraption came to the bandleader in a drugged-up dream, and was built with the help of a roadie. It later became part of the Guns N' Roses reunion shows this year after Axl Rose broke his foot.

Drummer Hawkins tells the NME: "It was a bummer all round. Dave almost pulverised his entire f***ing leg. Missing Glastonbury was part of that bummer.

"We were excited to get out there, do our march through Wembley then Glastonbury headlining. We were set to pop - then Dave breaking his leg was a kick in the nuts.

"But like Dave said, 'We wlll go on, even if I have to sit in this throne I have in my mind. We were all like, 'That's crazy! It's crazy to think anyone's going to want to see you sitting in a throne.' And we did - and they were some of the best shows we ever played." Read more here.

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Melvins Put Their Own Spin On Classic Christmas Song

(Classic Rock) The Melvins have put their own unique spin on the classic Christmas song "Carol Of The Bells" for Amazon Prime's exclusive compilation, Indie for the Holidays.

"The song has scared us since we were children," Melvins King Buzzo told Stereogum. "That's why we wanted to do it." Carol Of The Bells may sound like the tough matriarch from that family a few streets away, but it's actually the title of a song which will ramp up your anxiety levels during what some optimists have described as the 'most wonderful time of the year'.

The four-note folk tune, based on a Ukrainian chant called Shchedryk (translation: bountiful), was written by Mykola Leontovych and Peter J. Wilhousky. It wasn't originally a Christmas carol, but a song about a bird wishing prosperity on a family home. Only in later years did it mutate into this festive banger you'll hear significantly more times than the mantra of the flatulent: 'pass the sprouts'. Check it out here.

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Them Are Us Too's Cash Askew Killed In Oakland Warehouse Fire

(Radio.com) The Oakland warehouse fire from December 2 has shocked the California city's artistic community and stunned the public as the death toll climbs and more grim details surface about what happened.

Among the victims is Cash Askew, a founder of Them Are Us Too, a dream-pop band signed to the independent Dais Records label. The company confirmed her death in a statement.

"We will never be the same. Completely devastated by the loss of Cash Askew," the label said. 'She was one of the most talented and loving people we've ever known. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts, along with all those lost in the Oakland tragedy." Read more here.

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Cypress Hill's Sen Dog Recruits Metal Stars For New Album

(Metal Hammer) Former Fear Factory guitarist and bassist Christian Olde Wolbers has confirmed he's recorded a hip-hop metal album with Cypress Hill's Sen Dog. The project are called Powerflow, with Wolbers reporting they have 14 tracks - and hinted that they could hit the road with Prophets Of Rage in 2017.

He tells The Ex Man podcast (via The PRP): "If there's no Fear Factory reunion happening I'm definitely going to be back on tour next year. I just finished a record with Sen Dog from Cypress Hill. He's doing a metal band - it's like hardcore, metal, hip-hop all infused. We just wrote 14 songs.

"He's going to put it out if he is able to establish some tours and some work. It's called Powerflow. It's Sen Dog, Rogelio Lozano from Downset, Billy Graziadei from Biohazard, myself and Fernando Schaefer, who is a drummer in Worst - a Brazilian band." Read more here.

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Bob Dylan Will Provide A Nobel Prize Speech Despite Not Attending

(Radio.com) Bob Dylan may not be attending the Nobel Prize ceremony on Saturday but he will provide a speech, which will be read at the Nobel banquet on December 10 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The official Twitter account for the Nobel Prize revealed the news early Monday morning (Dec. 5). Dylan's on-again off-again relationship with the Nobel Prize has been well documented with an acknowledgement on his website that was promptly taken down.

Two weeks after the announcement of his prize, he broke his silence when he called the academy's secretary, Sara Danius, to thank her for the honor.'I appreciate the honor so much," he said. 'The news about the Nobel prize left me speechless." Read more here.

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Justin Bieber Announces New Stadium Concert Dates

Justin Bieber has expanded his Purpose World Tour even more with the announcement that he will be playing 6 additional stadium concerts in North America summer.

The popstar launched the trek back in March and has now extended until August of 2017 with the new handful of dates kicking off at the Rose Bowl on August 5th.

The other new dates includes concerts in Denver, Minneapolis, East Rutherford, Foxborough and wrapping up with the lone Canadian date on September 5th in Toronto. See the dates here.

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Dolly Parton Organizing Tennessee Wildfire Relief Telethon

(Radio.com) Dolly Parton is in the process of organizing a telethon to support wildfire victims around Gatlinburg, Tennessee. MusicRow reports that the event will be held on December 13 in Nashville, Tennessee.

'I know there are a lot of great events being planned to help the people of East Tennessee, however, I am planning a telethon to support the 'My People Fund' where 100 percent of the money will help those who lost their homes in the wildfire. I am planning on doing this on December 13 in Nashville, Tennessee," the singer says.

Parton previously announced the My People Fund, through which $1,000 a month will be provided for six months to families who lost their homes in the fires. Read more here.

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Kanye West, French Montana and Cam'ron Release New TRack

(Radio.com) Kanye West is still working on new music even if he has canceled the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo Tour. Just a few days after being released from the hospital, a new track titled "A- Shots" featuring French Montana and Cam'ron has made it's way onto the internet.

The laid back track features a heavily auto-tuned West who offers up big brag after big brag. Although he doesn't mention his wife Kim Kardashian's name in the track, West boasts that most women have to spend a lot of money to look as good as she does. The song's message is all about buying the perfect body if you're not born with one, and if you're not born with one then the three rappers are throwing some serious shade.

West last contributed (along with Nas) to French Montana's track "Figure It Out," and Montana returns the favor with a speedy, metered cadence for "A Shots" while Cam'ron comes gruff and heavy with a slick verse. Listen to the explicit track here.

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AFI Announce North American Blood Tour

(Radio.com) The same day AFI releases their forthcoming album AFI (The Blood Album), they'll launch the first part of their headlining 2017 North American tour, The Blood Tour.

AFI kicks things off in Los Angeles on January 20th, and they'll stay on the road for one month until they wrap things up in San Diego on February 20th. Every ticket comes with a free download of The Blood Album.

When it came to working on new music, the band wrote way more songs than they ended up included on their 14-track album. "Historically, we always write far beyond an album's worth of material," vocalist Davey Havok said about working together on The Blood Album.

"The process of culling down approximately 60 songs to fourteen is difficult. But when we create, we do so with an honesty and a hope to satisfy our artistic needs. We were raised on albums, which had far greater impact on us than singles alone. I believe that there are still a select group who look for that same deeper musical experience that we grew up on. Our records are for those music fans." Check out the full list of tour dates here.

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Deadmau5 Once Feared That He Killed A Fan

(Radio.com) Deadmau5 sees a lot from his DJ booth. One thing he didn't foresee, though, was when a fan climbed six feet in the air to his booth during a performance. It's a moment that had the dance music artist convinced that he killed a fan.

In an interview with NME discussing his new album, W:/2016ALBUM/, Deadmau5 recalls kicking that fan to the ground and later fearing that he had paralyzed or killed him.

"So I'm playing live, up in the Cube [his booth]. I've got this LED helmet on, I'm six foot in the air, I can barely see," he said. "All of a sudden I hear my manager screaming in my earpiece, and I feel someone grabbing at my waist. This kid has somehow climbed up into the Cube."

Deadmau5 panicked and kicked back at the fan, and the fan fell six feet below. "He just drops and lands on his back - bang. And he's motionless," he said. "I take off my helmet and look down, and for what felt like a long time I'm like, 'I just paralyzed or killed that kid.' Then finally he bounces up and is all 'Wooo!' at the crowd. Never been so relieved in my life. Scary." Read more here.

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Nico Segal Releases Paul Simon Remix 'Stranger'

(Radio.com) Even though it's only been a few months since Paul Simon released his most recent album Stranger to Stranger, he's already back with new music. Kind of. The Social Experiment's Nico Segal shared the shimmering track "Stranger," which combines and remixes Simon's songs "The Werewolf" and "The Clock" from Stranger to Stranger.

The new production feels closer to a Chance the Rapper track, and that could be because he's collaborated with The Social Experiment in the past. Segal teams up with fellow Social Experiment player Nate Fox to round out that interpretation.

"Stranger" does away with the bouncy rhythm and percussive effects of "The Werewolf" and instead builds out a melodic, wending, instrumental focus. Thanks to Segal's instrumentation, the trumpet on "Stranger" sounds closer to an echo and lends the remix a beautiful if haunting quality. Listen to "Stranger" here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Anticipated Taking Heat On Lineup Change

(Metal Hammer) M Shadows has admitted that Avenged Sevenfold knew they'd "take heat" for replacing drummer Arin Ilejay with Brooks Wackerman before the making of latest album The Stage.

Wackerman is the band's third sticksman since the death of Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan in 2009, with Mike Portnoy appearing on 2010's Nightmare and Ilejay taking the stool for 2013's Hail To The King.

Frontman Shadows tells That's Not Metal: "We wouldn't have made this change unless we knew it was the right decision. We spent a long time, and we took heat from people that don't know the situation, like, 'Oh, changing drummers again.'

"From the outside, we knew that was going to be an issue. But on the inside we were making the adjustments we knew were going to get us to the point to where we can put out something we're proud of."

He describes Wackerman, who's older than his colleagues, as "a guy we can throw ideas at, a smart guy, a great guy to be around, and just a fantastic drummer."

He adds: "We were doing our due diligence behind the scenes, from taking our time writing the record to staying off the road to getting Brooks a year and a half ago." Read more here.

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Korn's Jonathan Davis Explains How He Does His Part

(Metal Hammer) Korn's Jonathan Davis has explained how he writes and records his vocal parts. The band released their 12th studio album The Serenity Of Suffering in October. And the singer jokes that he can sometimes be a "diva" when it comes to his contribution to Korn's sound.

Davis tells The Sixx Sense radio show (via Blabbermouth): "I need to have a song completely done. I guess I'm a little diva when it comes to that stuff! It dictates what I'm going to be feeling, emotions, everything. I need that. I need to have that landscape to inspire me to do what I do. Once the music is all done, I know exactly where to place my vocals and fill the holes and do all of that to make it work. I guess it's backwards."

He continues: "I am the last one always on the record to be done. They give me a window of two weeks. Also, being a father over the years, I take care of the boys all the time.

"When I get home, I give my wife a break and take the kids. I've learned to be really quick and efficient in the studio. I come in, the song is done, I listen to it, and usually I just sing the melody lines. I go into the studio and I spend two days doing all of the melody lines to all of the songs, then I come back, write the lyrics, then sing them. I do about a song a day." Read more here.

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Johnny Depp Compares Performing In Band To Acting

(Classic Rock) Johnny Depp has compared performing in a band to improvising a scene as an actor. The Hollywood Vampires guitarist and movie icon believes it's equally as important for an actor to take risks as it is for a musician to push themselves for the sake of a performance.

Depp was a special guest at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour in Tokyo and he gave a frank, in-depth interview to Classic Rock. It features in the current issue of Classic Rock magazine, which is available now in print and via TeamRock+.

Depp says: "When you're playing though it's not remembering lines or serving the scene, or serving the script or whatever, the vision. On stage, it's the same sort of thing, you're still serving - you're serving the song but more you're serving the moment.

"I think every actor should walk into a scene with the idea that this could f***ing fail miserably. I think it's important to take those risks. It should be scary. You've got a f***ing character that you've come up with and you believe in, and you feel a very strong foundation of this character beneath you.

"It's the same approach really you know, just go and improvisation as always, the best thing because, I think some of the best performances of any recording artist, especially the early recordings, it's f***ing chance." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Sugar Ponies' Give This Girl a Break

Sugar Ponies' Suzanne Kramer tells us the story behind their single "Give This Girl a Break" which comes from their recently released "It's A Sign" album. Here is the story:

"My problem's very simple. If you listen, you'll agree. It's just that I love you more than you love me." So simple and yet here we all are loving someone more than they love us. Okay, maybe not all of us at this very moment, but a whole heck of a lot of us are either living or have lived it.

So, what's our story behind this song? Well, this particular song was written for a friend going through a bad relationship. I was thinking a lot about it one day in the shower and the lyrics just starting popping into my brain. I had to keep running in and out of the shower in order to record each line that I thought of! That may have been the longest shower I've ever taken.

But you know what? It's not just about that friend and her crush on that guy, I've lived it. I've been the person who thought, "Won't you turn and walk away because I'm not strong enough to leave - even though I know what best for me and true, I'll be your fool." Who hasn't felt that at some point in their life?

After I had about 80% of the lyrics written, and all the soap rinsed off, I got together with Michael and he put them to the lovely music you hear now. Some people think it's a simplistic, 3-chord composition, but in reality there are 5 chords. And who cares anyway? More chords would just get in the way of the simple message of this song, "I love you more than you love me."

Eventually we went into the studio with Ari Rios at Laughing Tiger Studios in San Rafael, CA. Ari arranged the absolutely perfect and beautiful cello part, which was performed by Rebecca Roudman of Dirty Cello. Ari also arranged the piano line performed by Austin de Lone. We then later worked with Ed Stasium on the mixing of the song and then with Greg Calbi who mastered it.

It's been awhile since this whole affair began and I've lost touch with the friend. I don't know if she's over him or not, but since sharing the song on YouTube via Facebook and Twitter, we've made so many new friends who are going through the pain of an unbalanced relationship. So many wonderful people have written to us to tell us how the song is their song and to thank us for writing it. Our plan and our hope is to continue sharing the song with the world. Maybe it'll help.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the group right here!

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