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Page Too Report for 12/07/2016

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody Re-Imagined As A Violent Crime Drama

(Classic Rock) Someone's made a video in which the lyrics to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody are literally reinterpreted as a crime drama. Queen's original Bohemian Rhapsody film is one of the earliest, most iconic clips of the video age. Based on the image of Queen that adorned the cover of their second album - a picture inspired by a photograph of Marlene Dietrich - the footage of the band's underlit faces has become some of the most recognizable in rock.

Another iconic use of the song comes in Waynes' World, as Wayne and Garth and friends headbang along to the song in the duo's Mirth Mobile, but what neither video does, however, is provide a literal representation of the song's lyrics. This has all changed with a new video from YouTube collective Corridor Digital, who've taken Freddie's original flights of lyrical fancy and turned them into a gritty crime drama that starts with a murder, continues with an emotional family confrontation, and climaxes with a dramatic stand-off with the police.

Perhaps disappointingly, the new video doesn't include the "So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye" section of the song. "Partially time constraints," says director Nico. "Only had a week to do everything for this video. But the other reason is that the lyrics become a lot less film friendly from there. Up to that point everything reads like an opera or play, but then it becomes a bit too song like to really keep it up."

Either way, the new video is intense. Check it out here.

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Patti Smith To Play Bob Dylan Song At Nobel Prize Ceremony

(Radio.com) Due to an apparent scheduling conflict, Bob Dylan won't be attending the Nobel Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, but even if he won't be performing some of the songs that earned him the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature, the Committee still has plans to honor him with a musical tribute.

During the awards ceremony on December 10th, singer-songwriter Patti Smith will perform Dylan's song "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" off his 1963 album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

Dylan will be there in letter, if not in person. The Nobel Committee announced that Dylan sent an acceptance speech, which will be read during the banquet to follow later in the day at City Hall. Read more here.

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Unreleased Aaliyah Collaboration With Drake Goes Online

(Radio.com) A second track has surfaced featuring Drake and the late R&B star Aaliyah (full name Aaliyah Dana Houghton). "Talk is Cheap" is a slick, velvety song that pairs Aaliyah's angelic vocals with soft beats, sultry production and Drake's polished rapping.

The song comes more than four years after "Enough Said," which Drake released in 2012. That cut was meant to be part of a bigger project that would feature tracks Aaliyah recorded before she died in a plane crash in 2001. However, the project was nixed after Aaliyah's family refused to sign off on it.

Aaliyah's family has previously said that they have no knowledge of an upcoming album featuring Drake and Aaliyah. 'There is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family, Aaliyah's brother Rashad Haughton told The Guardian. Read more here.

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50 Cent Reaches $14.5 Million Settlement In Malpractice Case

(Radio.com) 50 Cent has reached a settlement in his legal malpractice suit against his former legal team and will be awarded $14.5 million. But the rapper likely won't see much of that money since he continues to battle bankruptcy and other debts.

Forbes reports that much of 50 Cent's settlement will go towards satisfying his $23 million bankruptcy settlement from July. In 2014, he was ordered to pay headphone makers Sleek Audio $16 million after he cut ties with the company, only to produce his own headphones.

The judge alleges that 50 used the company's trade secrets to launch his SMS audio company, which included a similar headphone design. 50 then filed a malpractice suit against Garvey Schubert Barer (GSB), the law firm who represented him against Sleek Audio, claiming the firm "didn't adequately represent his interests in licensing negotiations and arbitration disputes with Sleek Audio." That's the suit he just settled or $14.5 million. Read more here.

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Stevie Nicks Extends Tour With The Pretenders

(Radio.com) Stevie Nicks has been on the road promoting 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault, a 2014 compilation of demos from her long and decorated career. Reps for Nicks announced that the tour will add 20 dates in 2017 with special guests, the Pretenders.

The newly announced additional dates for the Fleetwood Mac legend are scheduled to begin on February 23 in Reno, Nevada and the tour wraps up on April 6 in Uniondale, New York.

"It's been thrilling to get on stage each night and sing some of my early gems from early in my career along with getting the chance to sing the material from my last two albums," said Nicks in a statement. See the dates here.

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Prince Fans Pays Tribute With Christmas Light Show

(Radio.com) Even though Prince passed away in April, the tributes to him continue. One Minnesota family found a holiday-centric way to go about honoring the Purple One when they turned their annual Christmas lights display into a mini memorial.

The Staudt family, who live in Chaska, dedicated five minutes of their 14-minute Christmas display to Prince. During the tribute, the lights turn mostly purple and blink to "Purple Rain." There's even a special screen with a rotating Prince symbol featured.

Mike Staudt, the man behind the design, says he uses over 10,000 lights each year, and the family has already earned a great deal of attention from neighbors and passers-by (via Star Tribune).

On YouTube, Staudt wrote about his decision to honor Prince. "Our show is 5 minutes from Prince's Paisley Park recording studio and residence," he shared. "And his passing this year greatly affected our local community. So we decided to honor the great Purple One with a short and simple display during the intermission of our Christmas light show." Watch a clip of the tribute here.

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Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Sometimes Feels Immortal On Stage

(Radio.com) At 72 years old, it would make sense if once and a while Keith Richards didn't feel the kind of energy he once did on stage. But, in fact, it's quite the opposite for the Rolling Stones legend.

In a new CBS Sunday Morning feature that aired on December 4th, Richards opens up about his everlasting enthusiasm for playing music. "I can't imagine not being enthusiastic about it," he says.

"And as long as I've got the guys, a solid group of guys around me that feel the same way - then I start to feel immortal for a little while. On stage, sometimes, I feel immortal." Read more here.

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DJ Khaled Stars With Mariah Carey In 'Keys To Christmas' Special

(Radio.com) DJ Khaled wants to bring a little wisdom to the holiday season this year. The popular producer and armchair philosopher is set to star in a new streaming Christmas special opposite Mariah Carey.

The Keys of Christmas will air on YouTube's Red subscription service beginning on December 19th. The special will feature YouTube comedian and musician Rudy Mancuso, who has over 1 million followers on the site, and will explore the true meaning of the holiday when Mancuso wonders off the grid on Christmas Eve.

Besides original musical performances from Carey and Khaled, Ciaraand Boyce Avenue will all appear (via Variety). The appropriately titled special references Khaled's "keys," which are words of wisdom he shares about how to live a successful life. Read more here.

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'Transformers: The Last Knight' Trailer Features Eerie Flaming Lips Cover

(Radio.com) When the trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight debuted during Monday Night Football (Dec. 5) fans were immediately struck by two questions. Why is Optimus Prime fighting Bumble Bee and what is that eerie song playing throughout the two-minute trailer?
Narrated by Anthony Hopkins, the powerful trailer is set to a cover of The Flaming Lips 2002 song, "Do You Realize," as performed by 25 year-old British film director and composer, Frederick Lloyd (aka Ursine Vulpine). If the cover sounds vaguely familiar, it may be because it was also featured in the Penny Dreadful Season 3 trailer.

Specializing in atmospheric soundscapes, Lloyd's music has also been featured in theatrical trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Mad Max: Fury Road, Fantastic Four, Captain Phillips and Zero Dark Thirty to name a few, as well TV spots and teasers for films such as American Sniper, Serena and Creed. Read more and watch the trailer then listen to Lloyd's cover followed by The Flaming Lips original here.

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Bruno Mars Thrills Fans At Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

(Radio.com) Bruno Mars thrilled during a big musical moment at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Donning a luscious fur coat, Mars--backed by his Hooligans--took the stage.

"Where the Angels at?" he asked before beginning to sing "Chunky" off 24K Magic. The Angels used the song to show off an array of sleepwear, which allowed them to dance around while Mars followed suit.

Mars ended the night with an energetic, choreographed version of "24K Magic." The bling-happy song was the perfect fit for all the bejeweled bras sparkling under the runway's lights. Read more here.

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Flo Rida Releases 'Zillionaire' Video

(Radio.com) Flo Rida's new music video "Zillionaire" imagines life in the future when the lotto soars past million, billion and trillion to reach that incredible number. Of course, people line up around the block just to purchase a potentially life-changing ticket.

After entering a convenience store, where he purchases two tickets�one for himself and one for supermodel Chanel Imam (who just so happens to be the clerk)�Flo Rida fantasizes about how he'd spend all that money if he were to win. He lives large with a camel, pro golf lessons and elaborate dinners, and all with his gorgeous new lady by his side.

The more he dreams, the more the convenience store becomes a party complete with glitter, dancers and even a brass band towards the end. That gets other people in line thinking about all the ways they'd spend a zillion dollars, and things quickly become hilarious. Their dreams range from flashy cars, bathtubs full of cash and poolside fun surrounded by beautiful women. Watch it here.

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Will Smith Doesn't See His Fame As Burdon

(Radio.com) For some actors, fame is a burden. This is far from the case for Will Smith. "I want people to recognize me," the Suicide Squad actor tells Jimmy Kimmel. "I've met a lot of people where fame can be a burden. I just love it. I really do."

Smith then described how his celebrity recently helped him out of a bind when he was driving 30 minutes from home and discovered he was out of gas and had no wallet.

'I looked over on the other side and I saw a dude. He was, like, 36, and I was like, 'That dude is a Fresh Prince fan.' You can spot 'em!" Smith said. 'So I kinda rolled the window down and after a couple of minutes, he was like, 'Will?'" Read more here.

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Buzz Aldrin Treated By Dr. David Bowie

(Radio.com) Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin was recently evacuated from an expedition to the South Pole to receive medical treatment. Aldrin was flown to New Zealand where he was treated by a doctor named David Bowie, according to a new report in the Washington Post.

This unlikely sequence of events of course invites a "Space Oddity" joke, but it gets better. Buzz was, of course, in New Zealand to see what life might like be on Mars.

In a statement on his official site Aldrin writes in part: "I'm extremely grateful to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for their swift response and help in evacuating me from the Admunsen-Scott Science Station to McMurdo Station and on to New Zealand. I had been having a great time with the group at White Desert's camp before we ventured further south. I really enjoyed the time I spent talking with the Science Station's staff too." Read more here.

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Chance the Rapper Streams To Seven Grammy Nominations

(Radio.com) Chance the Rapper's petition earlier this spring to change the GRAMMY rules to include streaming only albums paid off big time. The Chicago rapper earned seven nominations as a result.

CBS This Morning announced the full list of nominees and Chance trailed behind Beyonce (who earned nine), and Drake and Rihanna (who each earned eight) with an impressive seven nominations for his very first eligible release.

Chance was nominated, among other categories, for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song (for "No Problem" featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz), as well as Best Rap Performance. Read more here.

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Electrician Shows He Has Talent With George Strait Cover

(Radio.com) You just never know where in the world a country song is going to show up. On season two of Mongolia's Got Talent, the nation's spin-off of America's Got Talent, electrician O.Enkh-Erdene recently slayed a classic George Strait tune.

Singing "Amarillo by Morning," which was released in 1973 by Terry Stafford and made famous by King George in 1983, the contestant elicited an enthusiastic reaction from the studio audience.

The judges for the show are Tserendorj Chuluunbat (a bass guitarist from Haranga rock band), Sarantsetseg Chimgee (a news commentator from Mongol TV), Chimeglhan Delgertsetseg (a professional violist) and Rokit Bay (a Mongolian Rapper). Check out the performance here.

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Singled Out: Alice and the Glass Lake

Alicia Lemke sadly lost her battle with leukemia in 2015 but her debut Alice and the Glass Lake was released last month. Today producer Danny Garibay tells us about the song "Coals". Here is the story:

Coals has special meaning to me not only because of what it symbolizes but also because of the memories I have associated with it. Coals was the first song Alicia and I decided to work on after she had undergone treatment for leukemia.

The weather was snowy in Madison Wisconsin, and the lake by her parent's house had frozen. Alicia and I were working in the basement, recording the foundation of the song when we were struck with an idea to add a unique percussion section. We thought it would be fun to make sounds out of random household objects- so we scavenged around the house to find pots, pans, wooden ladles and other culinary items that ended up on the recording.

It was one of those snap-decision judgements that we just went with; we had so much fun during the process that we didn't question what we were doing at all. Alicia was playing the "percussive instruments" and I remember laughing with her while she played them. I would tell her, you need to dance while you play the rhythms, really get into it! Thats when I saw her put herself completely into the music- she became wholly invested. She was always shy about dancing and said she didn't consider herself a dancer but what I saw was the most beautiful thing to watch: her squelching her sickness with her love for music. It was a true demonstration of the power of song, and Alicia's brilliant spirit.

When we began recording in a studio nearby, Alicia gave every ounce of life she had to the music, she would convince me that she wasn't even sick with how determined she was. There were times where I would see the music capture her and embody her in such a way it was as if she wasn't even aware of her own condition. Just a few days before she passed she left me another voicemail with notes on this song.

I would say Coals is my favorite song but each song had such a special moment to me that it makes it impossible to choose. This was the first song she wrote after being diagnosed and so I'd rather people make their own lyrical interpretation of it, but it is indeed an uplifting song- it uplifted my spirit but most importantly, uplifted hers.

In the basement I watched her forget and in the studio I saw her transcend circumstance and embody the true power of music.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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