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Page Too Report for 12/22/2016

Christina Grimmie's Family Suing Over Her Murder

(Radio.com) Christina Grimmie's family filed a lawsuit Tuesday, December 20 in Florida against AEG Live, The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Plaza Foundation and the security company working the event the night the 22-year old singer was murdered at a meet and greet.

Grimmie's father Albert, mother Tina, and brother Marcus claim that defendants, "failed to take adequate security measures to ensure the safety of the performers and the attendees at the concert venue," reports Billboard.

They claim in the lawsuit that there were only 'superficial bag checks" and no pat downs or metal detectors, which would've potentially prevented Kevin Loibl from entering the Orlando venue. Loibl was able to get into the venue with two 9mm Glocks, two full magazines of bullets and a large hunting knife.

The late contestant from The Voice was shot three times before Loibl was subdued by her brother Marcus, after which the assailant killed himself. The suit also mentions that the Plaza Theater did not employ serious security measures for Grimmie's concert, adding that the theater's general manager of six years had been fired nine days before the shooting and replaced with a new general manager who had only a week's experience working there. "The death of Christina was caused by the negligent and culpable conduct of the defendants who failed to provide adequate security measures to protect Christina at the Plaza Live Theater on June 10, 2016," the suit states. Read more here.

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Josh Young Announces Departure From Flosstradamus

Electronic music duo Flosstradamus is no longer a duo with Josh Young announcing that he is leaving the group but Curt Cameruci has reassured fans that he will be carrying on with the project.

Young announce on Tuesday (Dec 20) that he was exiting the group so that he could put his full focus on his solo project and on Wednesday Cameruci revealed that he will be continuing Flosstradamus "including all live performances, recordings and apparel."

Curt released the following statement, "The reports of Flosstradamus' death have been greatly exaggerated. A movement does not stop when one of its founding fathers goes abroad - it only gets bigger!

"Flosstradamus will continue and I am excited to carry the torch. Josh will always be a part of the #HDYNATION and we wish him the best in his future endeavors." Visit their official website here.

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Kanye West's Expected European Tour Isn't Happening

(Radio.com) When Kanye West canceled the remaining U.S. dates for his Saint Pablo Tour shortly before being hospitalized in November, it seemed likely that whatever else he had planned was also up in the air.

After being released in late November and meeting with president-elect Donald Trump, stories began circulating that West had canceled the European leg of his tour as well, but it turns out no dates were ever actually scheduled.

"The tour was never confirmed so there was nothing to cancel," a source close to West's camp told Billboard today (December 21st). Live Nation also clarified the confusion. Read their comments here.

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Jennifer Nettles Releases 'Hey Heartbreak' Video

(Radio.com) Country singer Jennifer Nettles has released a new music video for the song "Hey Heartbreak". The track comes from her sophomore album Playing with Fire.

The sunny video finds Nettles "breaking up with heartbreak" because she's ready to start living her life again. Shot along the California coast, Nettles enjoys the beautiful weather by strolling along the beach, lounging in a sun-filled hotel room and going out to eat by herself.

Directed by Shane Drake, the video plays on all the motifs typically associated with couples and romance, and instead finds Nettles enjoys those moments solo. "The whole idea here is that she is letting go of a heartbreak," Drake stated in a press release. "She's letting go of all the things that make you feel down -- make you feel constricted. We decided to take positive approach towards ourselves, where Jennifer can have Santa Barbara to recharge and re-energize." Watch the video here.

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Nicki Minaj Previews Her Pinkprint Tour Movie

(Radio.com) Instead of watching the ball drop, Nicki Minaj fans will likely flock to BET to watch her Pinkprint Tour documentary on New Year's Eve. BET shared a two-minute preview clip in which Minaj performs "Feelin' Myself."

The long-awaited concert doc is mostly composed of footage from a July 2015 show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center and features material from her 2014 album The Pinkprint.

"Most of the time I just can't even believe how many people are out there, so I'm just on stage in awe of that and grateful for that," Minaj says in the teaser. "I have to try my best to stay in these moments because some of these things that happen to me are like once-in-a-lifetime experiences."

The concert features backing vocals by Beyonce (who didn't appear at the show) and plenty of choreography. Watch the preview here.

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Imagine Dragons Release 'White Christmas' Home Video

(Radio.com) The guys from Imagine Dragons gave their fans quite the gift: A video of all four members dressed in various Christmas gear and singing along to The Drifters' rendition of "White Christmas."

Their home movie turned holiday music video features everything fans could want from the Las Vegas alt-rock band: Dan Reynolds dressed as Santa Claus and swaying his hips; Ben McKee holding a less-than-enthusiastic dog; Wayne Sermon playing guitar in his PJs in the bathroom; and Daniel Platzman goofing around.

Where December usually finds many artists and bands releasing their own holiday music, Imagine Dragons have found a way to wish everyone happy holidays, while also having some cheeky fun of their own. "(Yes, that's us singing and playing)" they tweeted along with the video. Watch the video here.

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Shania Twain Talks 'So Overdue' New Album

(Radio.com) Shania Twain hasn't released a new studio album since 2002's Up! but that's set to change in 2017. Speaking with EW, Twain promised next spring will bring a new album.

"I'm so overdue!" she said. "I feel like I just need to keep making albums now." During her album gap, Twain kept busy with a two-year Las Vegas residency beginning in 2012 and followed that up with the Rock This Country tour in 2015.

Through it all, though, she kept recording song ideas, which she eventually began fleshing out with four different producers. Her new music marks a personal and professional shift from how she's worked in the past. Twain's ex-husband Mutt Lange produced her 1997 big hit album Come On Over as well as Up!, but wasn't involved in her latest. Twain admitted she carried more creatively as a result. " Read her comments here.

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Cameron Jay Release FWU Video Featuring TruVocalz

(L. Spot) Cameron Jay released a music video for his single "FWU" featuring TruVocalz. The track comes from Jay's mixtape "M.S.D.L. 3", which was produced by M80onDaBeatz.

We were sent the following details about the clip, "In this music video, Cameron Jay shows his leading lady how much he is committed to her, in his terms 'F With You', by taking her out on a romantic date and showing her that she's the only one he wants to be with. This scenario is very rare in today's generation.

"Cameron Jay wants to show that there are still a lot of good guys who knows how to court a woman than just 'Netflix and chill'. Watch the new video which was directed by Eli here.

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Wilson Fairchild Announce New Album 'Songs Our Dads Wrote'

(Webster) Country music duo Wilson Fairchild have announced their new album, entitled "Songs Our Dads Wrote," which is scheduled to hit stores on February 7. We were sent the following details:

The duo, made up of Wil and Langdon Reid, are honoring their fathers, Harold and Don Reid, who are both founding members of the legendary Country Music Hall of Fame quartet, The Statler Brothers.

The collection, which will be released via Sony Red / BFD, features nine tracks originally co-written by Harold and Don Reid. A special Wilson Fairchild penned tribute track, "The Statler Brothers Song," will be included in Songs Our Dads Wrote. Other standout songs on the project include former Statler Brothers hit, "Guilty," originally released in 1983, when it stormed into the Billboard Hot Country Songs top ten. The new version takes on a rootsy feel, with original Statler Brothers member Jimmy Fortune also appearing on vocals.

"We've been wanting to record a project like this for a long time. This is our legacy," said Wilson Fairchild member Wil Reid. "These are the songs we cut our teeth on and learned to sing with and play guitars to. Hopefully we've brought some new life to some great old songs." Read more here.

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Jennifer O'Connor Covers Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing In the Dark'

Jennifer O'Connor has shared her cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In the Dark" which was recorded during the sessions for her last album, Surface Noise.

The cover track was recorded at Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken NJ by Tom Beaujour and Jennifer had the following to say about the song, "I have always approached my life and seen the world through the lens of music - and more specifically through songs. It began for me as a little kid listening to the radio on my walkman and saving up my allowance to buy a single each week at the department store when I'd go shopping with my mom. I'd bring it home and I'd play it over and over alone in my room and think about the lyrics or absorb the bassline and dance to the drums - or whatever it was about the particular song that got me. I would dream about the world - the one that existed in the picture that the artist created in the song and the one that my mind created from the information that the artist gave me. And always - it would calm me or make me feel protected or make me feel good or it would be a friend to me in my sadness if that was what I needed at that moment.

"This song, one of the biggest songs of the 1980s, is a perfect pop song and it's always been one of my favorites - I have the 45 hanging over my desk. I know that Bruce wrote it at the very end of the recording process for Born In the USA because the label wanted a hit - but I've always felt it to be a pretty heavy song despite it's pop bounce. Full of desire and expectation but also resigned and desperate feeling. At it's heart though, I hear it as a call to arms. It is defiant and brave. It says, 'I feel all of these things and yet I'm going to keep going anyway, keep trying.' Which is kind of how I have felt most of my life - things work, then they break, then I try to fix them and whether or not I can, I keep going anyway. And I think that feels like a good message for right now. What else is there to do really?

"For me, music was and is multi-purpose - it offers so much. I've surrounded myself with it for as long as I can remember and it's culminated with me being a musician, running a record label and now a record store too. This is not a coincidence. These are the things that make me feel productive, good, purposeful, and yes, even safe. My wish is that you can do the same - whether it is with music or books or cooking or writing or sports or whatever helps you to understand this world, be productive, and feel more safe in this moment that we are in." Listen here.

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Shawn Mendes Offers His Support To Camila Cabello After Fifth Harmony Split

(Radio.com) Pop star Shawn Mendes has offered his support to Camila Cabello following news that she would be leaving Fifth Harmony to pursue a solo career.

Cabello and her former group have been going back and forth on Twitter after Fifth Harmony announced suddenly on Sunday (December 18th) that they would be moving forward as a quartet.

Cabello posted her own response Monday (December 19th), which caused Fifth Harmony to speak up once more with a lengthy message that detailed how hurt they were over her departure.

But Mendes saw things a different way. He retweeted Cabello's explanation along with the sweet message, "Pursue what makes your heart pound, happiness is our responsibility' beautifully said." Read more here.

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Royal Blood Release Teaser For New Music

(Radio.com) At long last, Royal Blood are returning in 2017 with their sophomore studio album. The duo teased fans with a new video offering a hint of what's to come.

The 20-second clip, shared on Royal Blood's YouTube page, shows an anonymous person getting a tattoo. When all is said and done, the arm displays a diamond along with a big, bold "2017" scrawled below it.

The British duo spent most of 2015 touring. They last released new music in April when they contributed the track "Where Are You Now?" to HBO's series Vinyl. Before that, they released their self-titled studio debut in 2014. Looking at Royal Blood's Twitter account, fans have been clamoring for new music for some time, and it appears that the duo is almost ready to deliver. Watch the teaser here.

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5 Seconds of Summer Furthers The Om Telolet Om Craze

(Radio.com) The "Om Telolet Om" meme is mystifying to anyone who hasn't discovered it yet. Basically, the phrase mimics the sound of customized Indonesian car and horns, and the EDM community began sharing it on Twitter around noon on Tuesday. Some have literally translated it to "Sir, honk your horn, sir!"

It's a meme that somehow defies explanation except that people are saying it and the phrase seems to have turned into an open call for people to dial up the volume on whatever they're doing.

5 Seconds of Summer took the meme to Australia last night and realized that folks on the ground there weren't quite in the loop. "Just went outside and yelled om telolet om at a bus," tweeted Michael Clifford. "obviously hasn't made it to Australia yet." Read more here.

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Tony Bennett Gets Lady Gaga Serenade For His 90th Birthday

(Radio.com) Stars like Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan converged on Radio City Music Hall to celebrate Tony Bennett's 90th birthday, but it was Lady Gaga who stole the show.

The pop star performed twice to honor her Cheek to Cheek collaborator's nearly 70-year career in music, which includes 19 GRAMMY wins. First, Gaga performed "The Lady Is A Tramp," in uptempo, torchy style, ad-libbing lines like "Sometimes I go to Coney Island!" and "I love a prize fight." Later on, she performed "La Vie En Rose," the Edith Piaf standard Bennett covered through his storied career.

Baldwin, whose famous Bennett impression has earned renown, hosted the show in character while other acts performed tributes. Watch Lady Gaga's performances at the celebration here.

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Big Freedia Releases 'Make It Jingle' Video

(Radio.com) Big Freedia may have once adopted the attitude that she didn't come to play (she came to slay), but it looks like a different story when it comes to her new video "Make It Jingle."

New Orleans' preeminent bounce queen debuted the visual Wednesday (December 21), and in it an office Christmas party gets wild when all the employees make their way to the 69th floor to let loose.

Everyone who enters the elevator on the ground floor may look buttoned up and basic, but once they hit the 69th floor things get crazy. A man wearing a suit turns to reveal the entire back is missing, a woman plays Edward 40-Hands and smashes the bottles over her head, and three friends decide to turn things into a pool party. So, in other words, just another start to the holidays in New Orleans.

With teal hair and a fabulous red and white suit, Freedia delivers her verses backed by dancers wearing ugly Christmas sweaters galore. There's lots of twerking and jingling going on because Freedia knows how to bring the merry. Check it out here.

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Singled Out: DJ Pebbles' To Not Love You

Aussie pop DJ/vocalist DJ Pebbles tells us about her smash hit dance-pop single "To Not Love You" which topped the charts on Kings of Spin and went top 5 on the Billboard Club Chart. Here is the story:

I have always loved music and when I went to my first club at 16 I fell in love with dance music, specifically. I loved the power it had over peoples' bodies and moods. That's when I decided that I wanted to pursue this type of music professionally.

Deciding on my first song was an extensive process. "To Not Love You" was so relevant to where I was at in my life at the time. I had just moved to a new city and had to make New York my new home, which was really difficult when I was still in love with someone at home in Australia. I didn't know how not to love him.

"To Not Love You" is an anthem for everyone, boy or girl, as we have all experienced that feeling at one point in our lives. The line "how many ways can my heart keep on breaking?" is my favorite line of the song because anyone who has been in love knows that there are so many different ways your heart can break. Even when you think it's so broken and there is nothing left to break, somehow it happens again.

Love, whether it's romantic, familial or sexual, is complicated and can be a toxic roller coaster. I hope this song helps people feel that they are not alone in this feeling.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about DJ right here!

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