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Page Too Report for 10/07/2016

Metallica Star On What Was Behind Return To Thrash Roots

(Metal Hammer) Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo has credited Death Magnetic producer Rick Rubin and the band's live performances of older albums with helping them return to their thrash metal roots.

And while he accepts they can't please everyone, he argues that it's important that they're still taking chances late into their career.

Metallica release 10th album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct on November 18. The follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic has been keyed up with the launch of well-received tracks Hardwired and Moth Into Flame.

Trujillo tells Punk Rock Politics: "My launch pad with Metallica was Death Magnetic - that was a collaborative experience for me with Lars and James. Then you get into the second phase of the journey. It is thrash, it is in your face.

"Our producer Greg Fidelman, who actually engineered Death Magnetic, I always thought would be great. No disrespect to Rick Rubin, because Rick was super-important in getting Lars and James to reconnect with the thrash roots.

"Having Rick guide them into that was super-important at the time. Then, over the years, learning the Black Album top to bottom and touring that, was really cool.

"Going through Ride The Lightning and even Kill 'Em All - those challenges drive you crazy. They make you better." Read more here.

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Coldplay Announce North American Tour

Coldplay have announced the North American leg of their 2017 Head Full of Dreams Tour via a video that fired off the state abbreviations in rapid succession.

The group revealed the cities for the trek via an Instagram clip on Thursday (Oct 6), according to Radio.com. Watch the clip here. The band then revealed the full details early Friday morning.

The tour is set to kick off on August 1st of next year at the Metlife Stadium in New York and will conclude on October 8th in San Diego, CA at the Qualcomm Stadium. See the dates here.

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Brad Paisley Releases New Song and Video 'Today'

Country music star Brad Paisley has released a brand new song and accompanying video called "Today" which will be a track on his forthcoming 11th album.

He wrote the following about the song in his social media introduction, "Today I'm releasing a song that means a lot to me. I hope it becomes a soundtrack for you, that you put it to video & use it in your lives. I wanna see the ways it becomes a part of your story. It's yours now."

Paisley coproduced the new song with Luke Wooten which he co-wrote with Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley. Fans can check out the new song via the official music video here.

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Trent Reznor Previews New Music

(Radio.com) Trent Reznor took to social media to share some new music on Thursday (October 6th) that he and Atticus Ross had composed for a forthcoming movie called "Before The Flood".

"THIS IS NOT NEW NINE INCH NAILS!" he emphatically wrote. "Here is an excerpt of the new song 'a minute to breathe' that Atticus and I wrote for the upcoming film Before the Flood," he continued.

"[the film] airs globally in 171 countries and 45 languages on the National Geographic Channel starting October 30. The full soundtrack will be out soon and is a collaboration between us, Gustavo Santaolalla and Mogwai." Check out the preview here.

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Jay Z Shoots Down 'Ridiculous' TMZ 'Lemonade' Report

(Radio.com) Jay Z's management company Roc Nation calls a tabloid report that he may release a response to his wife Beyonce's Lemonade in 2017 "ridiculous."

According to the original report from online celebrity gossip outlet TMZ fans will "hear Jay Z's response to Lemonade during his highly anticipated 2017 world tour."

Radio.com reports "Lemonade deals with Jay Z's alleged infidelity, and calls out "Becky" as his mistress. Fingers, and the BeyHive, pointed to fashion designer Rachel Roy, who denied the allegations. Some fans have also speculated that singer Rita Ora is Becky, claims she also denied." Read more here.

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Version of Kanye West's 'Famous' Featuring Young Thug Leaked

(Radio.com) It turns out that Young Thug appeared on more than one track for Kanye West's album The Life of Pablo. An earlier version of "Famous" surfaced on Thursday (Oct 6), and it heavily features YT.

In the leaked version, Rihanna gets wiped completely. Instead of her vocals leading off the track, West starts "Famous" with a sample of Nina Simone's "Do What You Gotta Do." The sample returns on the chorus, where West counterposes his vocals against Simone's. Swizz Beatz still has his hand in the honey, though, and West shouts out his work throughout.

Then there's Young Thug. He's all over the track, lending a last verse and hyping throughout. Young Thug's rhymes start out paced before he doubles down on the beat and comes in almost trilling.

On the album's original track listing, Young Thug only appeared on "Highlights," but this early version of "Famous" proves that he had more than enough fire to go around. Listen to "Famous" here.

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Beanie Sigel Disses Meek Mill With 'I'm Coming'

(Radio.com) Beanie Sigel released the first of three diss tracks he recorded about Meek Mill on Thursday (October 6). It marks the latest in a back-and-forth between the two rappers after Sigel claimed he wrote lines on Meek's "Ooouuu" remix, which itself as a diss track aimed at The Game.

Meek clapped back at Sigel with an eight-minute track in late September, and Sigel responded in kind with "I'm Coming." The song begins with a sample of a jazzy-influenced gospel song claiming "better days," before Sigel interrupts, saying, "F— it, I'm coming."

He raps on the first verse, "The bigger the beef, bigger the clip size/ Home Depot trips, duct tape, zip ties/ Was gonna leave it dead, let s— slide/ But n—– pushin' my f—in' buttons/ I gotta f— up something/ I'm thinking churches and hearses/ ER trips, IV drips and nurses/ Homicides for purchase/ But I think I might work this/ Cash that check myself, though." Read more and listen to the track here.

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Lady Gaga Releases New Song 'Million Reasons'

(Radio.com) Lady Gaga premiered her new track, "Million Reasons" when she performed at her first dive bar gig Wednesday night (October 5) in Nashville as part of the Bud Light x Lady Gaga Dive Bar tour. Now, listeners can hear the song for the first time in its entirety.

Co-written with Hillary Lindsey, who's behind some of the biggest hits for country artists like Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town, "Million Reasons" is a heartbreaking look at the nearing end of a relationship and one partner's plea to stay. Played with an acoustic guitar and showcasing her honest, raw vocals, "Million Reasons" is a far cry from the songs that elevated Gaga to fame over the years.

"I bowed down to pray, I tried to make the worst seem better/ Lord show me the way to cut through all this worn out leather/ I've got a hundred million reasons to walk away/ But, baby, I just need one good one to stay," she sings on the chorus. The song has a hint of country about it, but Gaga's powerhouse vocals keep things in the pop realm. Listen to the song here.

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Vince Staples Responds Mother's Criticism Of 'Norf Norf'

(Radio.com) Vince Staples has taken to social media to respond to a viral video of a mother criticizing the content of his song 'Norf Norf." In the original video, which has amassed more than 700,000 views, she fondly remembers growing up with 'Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera" on the radio, then recalls hearing 'Norf Norf" while driving her kids to school. "I could not believe what I was hearing," she says. 'This was on our local radio station; this crap is being played."

She reads the uncensored lyrics online, saying, 'We wonder why this society is so messed up--listen to the music," she adds. In a series of tweets Staples says he thinks it's clear the woman didn't understand the context of the song, and that she seemed emotionally unstable, but says she is entitled to her opinion.

He even defended her, writing that "No person needs to be attacked for their opinion on what they see to be appropriate for their children." See all of Staples tweets here.

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Receive Music City Walk of Fame Stars

(Radio.com) Country superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill received some stars of their own in Nashville on Wednesday. The chart-topping artists were honored by the City of Nashville, which presented them with stars on the Music City Walk of Fame. Fellow Walk of Famer Reba McEntire made the presentation.

During the ceremony McGraw and Hill both shared their love for the city and expressed how much the community has meant to them throughout the years.

"We are a small community, yes, but we are growing, yes," Hill said. "But we will always remain – and the people who live around here will always remain – good, old-fashioned folk that welcome people from around the globe." Read more here.

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Ice Cube, DJ Shadow's 'Nobody Wants to Die' In 'Mafia III' Trailer

(Radio.com) Gamers eager to play Mafia III have an added bonus to look forward to: Ice Cube and DJ Shadow recorded "Nobody Wants to Die" for the game's soundtrack.

The song appears in a trailer released. Mafia III blends action and strategy as lead character Lincoln Clay seeks revenge on the mob in a fictionalized recreation of New Orleans.

Cube said he was flattered that game producers asked him to contribute to the soundtrack. "I've been doing music for a long time and in the rap game," he said. "Just the fact that they want to hear my voice, it makes me feel good. They could've grabbed one of the new artists. But it made me feel good that we have a new game, and they are still going back to one of the originators."

Watch the trailer and hear Ice Cube's contribution here.

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The Flaming Lips To Reveal New Music at Yoga Classes

(Radio.com) In an interesting turn of events, The Flaming Lips have made plans to reveal their new music at Yoga Classes in their hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Frontman Wayne Coyne wrote on Instagram that the city's Yoga Box exercise studio will be playing "brand new, never heard before" Flaming Lips tracks during Friday classes throughout October.

In August, band collaborator George Salisbury posted on Instagram "Gettin' close!!!!." The post featured artwork on a computer screen followed by a series of files labelled "The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody," suggesting the band's new album could be titled Oczy Mlody. Read more here.

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Prince's Sister Spent Two Years Preparing For Him To Die

(Radio.com) Prince's sister Tyka Nelson has revealed that she worried about her brother dying for two years before the music legend passed away. "I knew that it was coming," she told ET. "He said it a couple of years ago. ' 'I've done everything that I've come to do.' I was crushed for about two years."

On April 21, Prince was found dead at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota at the age of 57. An inquest determined that he died from an accidental overdose of painkillers.

For those who are still grieving, Nelson had a bit of advice: "I've had two years to deal with it, but there's a lot of people that have only had from April to now," she said. "So I guess I would say give it another year and a half and maybe you'll be where I'm at."

To preserve the memory of her brother, Nelson plans to make sure his estate becomes a full museum. Read more here.

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Fetty Wap Brings $165K To Court To Pay Small Fine

(Radio.com) Willie Maxwell II, (aka Fetty Wap) was only supposed to pay a $360 fine but he reportedly showed up in a Cedar Grove, New Jersey court room with $165,000 in hand.

The rapper was in court to face a charge of driving with tinted windows and a suspended license, reports Pollstar. He was also hit with failing to replace lost, destroyed or defaced license plates and a false burglar alarm that went off at his home. He pled guilty to all charges.

Not realizing how much he would be fined, Fetty made sure he'd have enough to pay for his violations, and exited the court with more than $164,600. Read more here.

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Game Of Thrones Composer Previews Live Concert Experience

(Radio.com) Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi has given fans a taste of what they can expect from the forthcoming Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience.

Djawadi shared an animated video online that shows an artists' rendering of the elaborate stage and screen set that has been designed for the upcoming tour.

"I'm excited for fans to see our 'first look' video clip that captures the immersive nature and enormity of the upcoming Game of Thrones concert experience," said Djawadi. "I can't wait to take this show on the road." Check out the clip and full tour dates here.

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